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ANOTHER year has passed! Yasashii sekai… is now a ripe old age of THREE!!! Awwww! I would have never imagined to get this far!! I feel like this year has gone by very quickly. I feel a bit apologetic as I have been busier this year resulting in fewer posts. I hope you guys still find it entertaining and enjoy spending a few moments of your time here. *cross fingers*

Now what are the key highlights in the last 12 months? Let’s just quickly run through a few memorable stories from the last 12 months…

Let’s start with the mangas!!

Girl Friends

Oh I miss Mari and Akko!!! This manga series was sweet, lovey and dovey and obviously had some drama thrown in. On the whole we got we wanted and they even got down to some serious business. HOHOHOHOHO!! I would have loved to see them grow up into women in the workforce!!! I must say, the art here is amazing and there have been some scenes that are absolutely breathtaking…*thinks of the karaoke scene*


This manga series seriously brings up a mixed bag of feelings. It’s good at times and sucks in some chapters too. On the whole, it’s still an amazing piece of work with almost real like characters. Oh and best of all, it’s an adult woman with ANOTHER adult woman! Bring these on!!!

Sasameki Koto

FINALLY Ushio realises her feelings for Sumi!! BUT OMG this manga is going at one-tenth of the pace of a snail’s! I’ve almost forgotten where we’re up to! *pause* Actually…I have forgotten -_-” *SIGH* Pick up the speed please!!

Now onto the animes!!!


Loved the gang although I did feel season 2 lacked the power to keep my attention and the music wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, I still think Mio and the gang (admittedly I have a soft spot for Mio) are heaps cool! Love the hoodie, Mio!! *wink*

So Ra no Wo To

I felt like this was the K-ON! gang but in another time and world!! hahaha Can you guys spot the parody pic up above?? hehehe Story wise I felt like it lacked a bit of excitement but it was pleasant to watch. Art was wow too!!

Sono Hanabira

Oooh la la… *wasn’t me look* Umm…go to Google images and do a search to find out what the big hoo haa is about. I should give the visual novel a go…anyone know whether I can get a Mac friendly version?

Highschool of the Dead

Scantily dressed and well endowed girls carrying guns and kicking arse…Oh! There are guys and some zombies around too! hahaha I didn’t expect this one to be so entertaining and despite the ecchi-ness I recall that there was some real depth in seeing the gang survive the zombies breakout. I’m looking forward to the OVA!

Angel Beats

Great art!! And of course Tenshi and her ma po tofu!! HAHAHA OOOOOH maybe I’ll make some this weekend!!! YUM!!

Psychic Detective Yakumo

I really enjoyed watching this paranormal detective show. The stories were moving and the soundtrack is just AMAZING!!! Must give this a go!! I bought the OST. ^_^

I’m not usually a huge fan of watching TV shows but this year was an exception!!

Rizzoli & Isles

A kick arse detective TV show with a super cool headstrong detective and a smarty pants elegant looking medical examiner!! LOVE this! And they’re coming back for a season 2! OH YEAH!!

The Real L Word

This was entertaining to some degree (I preferred some stories over others) but some were a BIT too much…I don’t regret watching it though!! hahaha My favourite couples: Stamie & Tracy and Nikki & Jill and Mikey & Raquel!!

Lip Service

This is just drama but is like the Real L Word but with a heavy layer of dark themes shrouding it…drugs…lots of alcohol and a hidden past. It’s a quality drama with nice to watch characters but I didn’t like the heaviness of this drama. Not really my thing.

However, the best of all in this category for me must be…

***Alicia and Kalinda from The Good Wife***

Trust me!! This is good!! It’s a legal drama show. Here’s a clip of their scenes in the first episode.

Hope you guys have enjoyed your time at Yasashii sekai…!!!! Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Yasashii sekai…’s 2 year old birthday post

Yasashii sekai…’s 1 year old birthday post

A brief recap on the last two episodes:

Mr. Evil with 2 red eyes (can’t remember his name) was a spirit and had been preying on the weak encouraging them to act on their evil desires buried deep within. We discovered finally why he has been hovering around Yakumo all this time. He wanted Yakumo to share the hatred and despair he felt so that he could take control of his physical body and become reincarnated. Luckily, Yakumo was not drawn to the dark side and Mr Evil’s plan did not succeed.

The final episode of this anime ended on a satisfying note with most of our questions answered. There was sadness no doubt with the death of Isshin hanging over us but everyone else was able to move forward in their lives with greater strength than they had at the beginning of the story. I felt that this anime was well made and the emotional OST added the perfect touch. I was so emotionally drawn in the latter half that I went out to buy the OST. The music was amazing in expressing Yakumo’s pain and struggle and Isshin’s words of wisdom. Below are some of my favourite tracks. I would highly recommend this OST but having said that, the CD has a total of 41 tracks and I’ll probably only listen to at most 10.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this anime. Your thoughts? Also, does anyone know whether the manga is ongoing? Any chance of a season 2??

Calm Flower

Band of Fate

In Despair

Ending theme song ~ Missing you

I have been behind on this anime like in many things and finally found time in the last few days to watch episodes 6 to 11. I can’t remember the details of every episode but I love this anime!! It’s not the supernatural theme that I like but more about the character development of Yakumo and the amazing soundtrack. The pieces are moving and just overwhelms you with emotion. I am definitely buying this OST!!! It’s expensive though!!! Aaaaaah!! I haven’t bought an OST in a while so…here we go!!!! X_X

There were two stories that really made me tear. I’m sure I cried more than that but I’ll focus on the major tear jerkers.

*Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!*

Read the rest of this entry »

This episode was a bit of a let down for me. I was hoping that it’ll break out of its pattern this time round and show us more of Yakumo’s past and/or maybe more development between Yakumo and Haruka. *sigh* Maybe the next episode? The shocking thing that we did find out was that the man with both eyes red is the father of Yakumo!! What the!? That never crossed my mind though when I think about it now, I guess it makes sense. I think this anime needs a change soon otherwise it’s going to be losing its audience!!!!!

Jo is right. Whilst the first three episodes were quite captivating, they were formulaic in style too. Finally this episode breaks the pattern a little or at least finally brings those sinister characters into the spot light.

The beginning was like the past episodes. Someone is said to be possessed and brings Yakumo to the scenes to verify. This time it’s the chief’s daughter who was the reporter that appeared earlier. She had been following the story of the series of young girls being murdered.

In the course of this episode, we discover that Yakumo’s distant and isolated character stems from not only his strange eye but his mother. Apparently when he was young she had tried to kill him and when failed to achieve that, has since disappeared. Haruka is surprisingly no shy girl!! hahaha She supports him and he gradually accepts her! YAY!!

Just when we think things are going probably a bit to cheery for this series, the sinister looking guy with two red eyes appear…it sounds like Haruka will be in danger!!! AAAAAAH!! I want the next episode!!! It’s too long of a wait!!!

Warning: I suggest you to not continue reading if you are easily scared (pansy!), and will drive on your own at night…I’m referring to you Sapphire onee-chan!! :P

Just when I though this anime isn’t all that creepy, the opening scene was like *GASP*!!! Honestly, on the whole this anime isn’t all that freaky but there are just an odd scene or two where they’re a BIT creepy. Luckily I don’t drive at the moment so I’m not too fussed. PHEW!!

In this story, there is a haunted tunnel but that is surprisingly not the central focus of this episode. A reporter takes a photo to Yakumo’s detective friend and in it is a clear ghost-like image of a little boy next to a car repair garage. Turns out that the garage is more than meets the eye is known for being involved with shady dealings. As long as you can pay up the cash, the guy will do whatever. Mr. Detective ropes in Yakumo to investigate and as expected, the little boy’s corpse is found buried near the garage. The little boy takes his revenge and leads the guy that killed him into a tunnel intending to kill him in a crash. Yakumo and the detective manages to stop the car from crashing but it turns out that the spirits in the haunted tunnel are capable of consuming the little boy. Yakumo tries to save him but it’s too late. He cannot do anything and watches the boy disappear before his eyes. He breaks down in tears. Awwww Haruka should just run over and give him a great big hug!!

Are many of you guys watching this show?? What other shows in this season are also worth watching!?! (not like I have time to watch anymore but anyway…hahaha)

Ok so I’m a cheesy kind of person – I’ll admit to it. HMPH! This episode was another heartwarming one. Short, simple and sweet. Now that Haruka’s friends were free from the spirits, there was really no longer a reason for Haruka to hang around Saitou but in his absence she feels a bit restless and even admits it to her boss at work – oh sorry she meant her “friend” felt that way about a guy. *rolls eyes* The same old trick used over and over again. hahaha

While Haruka is at one of the fox temples nearby (there’s two in the town, one on the east and the other on the west), she bumps into an old man that’s in a wheel chair. His company has been trying to demolish one of the temples and move it alongside the other. The reason he wants to do this is because back during his younger days, he had planned to elope with a young lady but as the wrong instructions were given, they missed each other. One ended up waiting at the east shrine and the other at the west one. The man new he had made a mistake but he refused to make the move to go meet her. The girl soon married another but died shortly because of tuberculosis. The man is now at an old age with little time left. He has carried this burden/regret all his life and his final wish is for the two shrines to be next to each other. He feels that she has not forgiven him.

Saitou tells him otherwise.

Her soul is still waiting.

There is a heartwarming moment as the man sees the spirit of his lover and with her wish now granted, her soul can rest in peace. The story is not all that amazing but it was nicely put together and accompanied with a gentle and moving soundtrack. *thumbs up*

The episodes ends again with a brief flash to some dodgy people who seems to dabble into some spirit play. The woman says “these girls fit the criteria for being the container of your daughter’s soul”. O_O Sounds kind of scary!!!! X_X


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