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I have just begun watching this jdrama that is being shown in Japan. They have only got one more episode to go (total of 10). The show is called Keizoku (DramaWiki) and is a police/detective drama with a supernatural spin. Yes, me and my supernatural themes these days!! The best bit is that Erika Toda is in it!!! HOHOHOHO!!

Toma (Erika’s character) is a genius but at the cost of being an awkward and odd character e.g. she is always seen dragging around a suitcase, has messy bed hair and smells of garlic (she LOOOOOVES gyozas!! hahaha). She belongs to a police department that is designed to handle difficult cases. In this drama, this means crimes committed by people with special abilities (SPEC). Along with Sebumi, who is a highly rational and strict character, the two work together to solve these cases. He has his own little story but I won’t bother getting into the details. :P

I’ve watched 3 episodes and it’s definitely growing on me and Erika’s character kind of reminds me of the nerdy character that she played in BOSS which I absolutely LOVED!!! This one isn’t quite as good but it’s worth looking into if you’re a fan of Erika’s!!! ^_^

Btw, this drama is actually a sequel, thus called Keizoku 2, but I believe there is no continuation from the previous drama and the actors have since changed. It’s fine to watch this as a standalone drama. Let me know what you think!!!

This one hell of a quirky enjoyable drama!! Comedy, detective, suspense and a team of colourful characters makes this jdrama well worth watching!!! hahahahaha

Here’s the teaser trailer (I can’t help but say that the girl in white is PWOAH!!! hahahaha):

So in the opening they look pretty damn cool, serious with a detective’s twinkle in the eyes but what about reality?!?

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OMG! Liar Game is back for a second season and a movie release!! Article from Tokyograph is available here.


For those not familiar with this drama, it’s actually based off a manga. It’s all about being smart and lying your way through to be a winner! In season 1, Erika Toda plays a stupidly honest girl who is tricked into taking part in the Liar Game Tournament. The idea is that you need to cheat your opponent into giving you the money. There are multiple rounds and the game gets more interesting. It’s basically a mind game. Though she’s kind of dumb, there’s Shota who’s an absolute genius!! hehehe I liked this drama. It attracted quite a bit of viewers despite the late airtime (Sat 11pm). You should check it out!! =)

First of all, Fansubwiki is the best place to start if you want a full picture of what’s to come!! Here I’m just going to highlight a few that caught my eye…hehe

1. BOSS ~ 16 April

bossOMG! This is a must see!! Why it’s no. 1 on my list:

The cast! We have Yuki Amami (been a fan since watching Top Caster), Yutaka Takenouchi (*jaw drop*), Erika Toda (a pretty face to watch) and last of all…Tetsuji Tamayama!!! STELLAR CAST!! Surely you have to agree!?!

The story is not completely original but hey I can deal with that! Yuki leads a team of detectives to solve crimes. She’s smart and capable but she has one problem – a difficulty in understanding men!! Fat chance finding a husband!? LOL

But LAST but not least, the MUSIC!! Our music man behind Triangle is BACK!! Hiroyuki Sawano will be taking charge of BOSS’ soundtrack! Now with that list, surely it’s at least worth watching ONE episode!?!

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