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HAHA Now THIS picture caught your attention, right?!?! ^_________^

Usually I do not take a liking in fan art as I’m quite picky particularly in terms of the quality of the art but this is a clear winner! Who does not agree?! Again, I don’t know who the creator of the picture is. If it is you and you do not wish to have it posted here, just let me know!

Mai-Otome was the first anime where I looked up for fan fiction. ShizNat is one of my favourite pairings! Hmm…I wonder why…I think it was the subtlety of their relationship in the anime AND I seem to have a soft spot for characters with dark blue hair!! (Think Sachiko here…) Plus, who cannot like Shizuru’s playful character? Reminds me of a feminised Sei from Marimite and Shizuma from SP!

Yuribou made some good fanfic recommendations on his post. It’s not a bad spot to start but I’ve sifted through and listed my favourites below!

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YAY! My blog has branched off to another dimension of anime! I see a rise in the severity of my ‘otaku-ness’! LOL This is my first post on fan fiction. I had promised evilie and SapphiredEclipse earlier that I will make some recommendations… =) Sorry about the delay – it took me a little while cos I had to check with Erica first. She approves. ^_^

I was never interested in fan fiction until I watched Mai-Otome (yes I’m a fan of ShizNat!). I was reading Yuribou and from his blog decided to check a few out. There are some that are not bad but I will talk about those in another post. 

THIS post will be about Marimite fanfic! I haven’t read many but I’ve found some worth sharing around! What better way to start the day than to have a quick read of Marimite fanfic finished off with a big smile on the face? ^_____^

Ok, so the stories I’m going to recommend come from the “Worldshaking” Fanfic website written by Erica from Okazu. It’s a series called True Confessions which breaks down into two parts – one from Yumi’s perspective and the other from Sachiko’s – each covering three short stories. I like how they’re not just fully focused on them two – but draws in the other characters. Just to give you guys a heads up, there’s nothing explicit, ok? These stories are really just a more ‘yurified’ than the anime itself. They’re not toooo extreme. =P This and the fact that it makes references to the past happenings are why I like this batch of stories.


Now GO READ THEM!! I reckon the above picture* is a PERFECT visual summary of the stories to come! ^________^ Let me know if you find any other good ones!

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