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Edit: I finally went to google this anime and was quite taken aback that it was about a man’s series of affairs?! Ok, I’m probably not doing it justice describing it in this fashion but that’s pretty much it. Took a quick look into the anime and I realised then that I’m not a period anime fan. Oh well. The OST is still good!!

Thanks to Kitsune, I’ve recently been blown away by a particular album! That album is the OST of  Tales of Genji!! Also known as Genji Monogatari Sennenki! I had little doubts that it will be good even when I first read his post…I mean, it’s written by S.E.N.S.!! S.E.N.S. is an amazing group of two people who create moving instrumental pieces. Their music is typically used in commercials, movies, dramas etc. You name it, they’ve probably done it before! A more recent work of there’s which I’ve mentioned is probably a piece they wrote for Last Friends. LOVE IT!

Anyway, needless to say, this OST is quite breathtaking. I haven’t gone through it entirely (my laptop is broken so access to the internet is limited… *sad*) so I have no absolute FAVOURITE yet but let’s say more than a handful have made me smile! Ones that caught my attention on the FIRST listen: tracks 1, 3, 8, 14, 20, 22  (if you haven’t noticed, I have a BIG soft spot for strings…hehe)

I’m thinking of popping this into my next shopping list at CDJapan!! I can’t have enough of S.E.N.S. works! I recently just purchased the third volume of their 4-part 20th anniversary greatest hits album series!

Must check out! The whole album is available for listening over at IMEEM! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

S.E.N.S. is due to release the third volume of their four-part 20th anniversary greatest hits album series. This volume, Nature, will include their unreleased song “Kazemachi.”

Oooh! Do you think it might be a piece that was used in Last Friends? Can’t wait!! I’ve already got the volumes one and two! These guys are great! I love them cos they do a lot of moving pieces for various movies, dramas and commercials.

Edit: What an idiot! I just realised that I had post the same album cover TWICE!! Oh well…too lazy to fix! haha

While watching the drama, there was a part that really moved me…I think it was the music…though I must say that Michiru and Takeru also executed their parts very well. Anyway, me being the person I am, I ripped the audio of the scene into an mp3 so that I can listen to it!! hahaha

Why don’t you have a listen and see if you can recognise it?! haha Make note of the music – I really like it. It’s not available in the current OST and I suspect that it’s a S.E.N.S. piece. S.E.N.S. is currently releasing a set of 4 CDs of all their best works but they’re releasing one every few months. The latest one out (the 2nd one), had the track that was used in Last Friends – 記憶の森 – so I’m hoping that maybe in the next CD there might be other tracks also used in Last Friends~!! Well I can only hope!! Seriously, check it out!!

Go to IMEEM.

Btw, if ANYONE knows where I can find the background music, PLEASE tell me!! Thank u!


How could I have a post with no pics?? So why not throw in a sweet scene…just so that we can reminisce the fun we had in the last few months?!

Note: I am not the creator of the above picture. If you are the owner and is offended that it has been used without permission, please let me know and I will have it removed. But then honestly, when you created this, it was meant to be shared amongst other Ruka x Michiru fans, right??!?!

Okay, so I was about to start some work when I realised I have not checked the Last Friend’s website today! I mean, it’s airing tomorrow so there might be some new links or trailers?!? Who knows…So, I click on and as I go through the pages, what do I see?? Just when I was trying to tone down my own excitement on this drama I spot this:

The scriptwriter of this drama has had some pretty well known past works! They’re generally quite old but they are:

a) Love 2000 – this had Takeshi Kaneshiro and was all about forbidden love. This was only so so for me but did get pretty decent viewership ratings. Great theme song.

b) God, please give me more time – again there was Takeshi Kaneshiro and this one is a complete tear jerker!!! You end up crying in EVERY episode. Though I didn’t like the beginning it definitely makes up for it with the rest of the story!! REALLY good music!

c) Love Generation – this I haven’t watched but aired around the Long Vacation time – another romantic classic! Well known for its music!

Amazing choice of actors, scriptwriter has had a few hits in the past, breathtaking theme song (& lyrics) and what does Last Friends have to top it all off??? They’ve got S.E.N.S contributing to the OST?!?!! OMG!! S.E.N.S is one of my most loved Japanese groups!! They’re not a pop band but is a guy & girl who are talented in producing instrumental music! Their music is very popular and is often used as background music in commercials, movies, dramas etc. Some of their pieces almost have emotions flowing through them…really talented – that’s what they are! Knowing S.E.N.S is involved just blows me away! I have been watching out for them and I don’t think they have done some OST work for a while!! Oh dear…I hope this drama lives up to my expectations!!! *cross my fingers*


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