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This anime gave me a whirlwind full of reactions in just the one episode! At first I was like…meh…the animation is quite ordinary looking…then I saw Subaru-sama!!! *swoons a bit* I also liked how they’re using “ojou-sama” and how Kanade talks with that “ojou-sama” air in her voice. I was expecting an innocent romantic comedy to appear before me.

BUT BOY WAS I WRONG ABOUT THIS ANIME!!! The ojou-sama turns out to be a dodgy sadistic girl and there is quite a bit of dodgy suggestions all over the place – like bondage, sadism etc etc. Jirou is a nice enough guy who has a condition where he will have a nose bleed upon having physical contact with a girl. His explanation is that both his mother and sister would beat him as a child and even now to practice their wrestling moves and the only way to make them stop was if he started bleeding as that would dirty the carpet… -_-” Since he walked into Subaru in the toilet and found out about her secret that she is in fact a girl, the ojou-sama has taken charge to say that he must keep this a secret. If he is to tell anyone, she will expose to others of this strange condition of his. What we see next is the ojou-sama deliberately putting Subaru and Jirou into awkward situations. Kanade, the ojou-sama, actually reminds me a bit of Maria in Maria-Holic. UGH.

Not sure whether I will continue watching…maybe give another episode a try? Who likes this one??

All I see in this season’s anime is MOE MOE and MORE MOE!!! Can we seriously get some older girls on screen next time round!?! Here’s my list…I miss my yuri!!! :(


A pretty much unknown seiyuu cast but since it’s said to contain yuri, it will be top on my list!!! It’s MOE though…*Sigh* What happened to the good old Marimite days!?!! *CRIES*

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

MOE MOE MOE!!! ARGH!!! Despite the moe, it’s on my list as the animation looks amazing!! It tops Gosick’s animation with a lot of it set in Paris. Plus there is Yuuki Aoi!

No. 6

The story takes place an Ideal City “NO.6” in 2013. Shion was judged as having “highest-ranked intelligence” when he was two years old and was allowed to live in a luxurious area “Cronos”. On his twelfth birthday, he met a beautiful boy “Nezumi”, who had escaped from a reformatory. Shion protected him but the Public Security Bureau deprived Shion of all the privileges and expelled him from Cronos to “Lost Town”. Four years after the banishment, a mysterious accident leads Shion to the secret of the city NO.6.

This has caught my eye because of the story and the art.


Nana Mizuki!!! I miss her!!! Also throw in vampires and some decent animation and I’m definitely willing to give this a shot.

Mayo Chiki

This is simple romantic comedy with a slight twist! A girl at school has a butler who turns out to be a girl! I like the butler. She looks cute and feisty too!!! hehehe Usually I’m not into gender bending but this one looks like it has potential as a good mainstream comedy.


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