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Not sure what is wrong with me lately!! I’ve been trying a lot more anime than usual!! I miss those days when I would go crazy about an anime…like Marimite and Last Friends!! Deadman Wonderland is another weird one where it’ll probably take us another episode or two to figure out what’s going on.

A class of students is attacked by some non-human form – almost like an explosion which kills everyone except for one boy. The non-human killer seems to leave a mark on the boy’s chest. Why let him live? The boy is then said to have killed the whole class since he is the only survivor. The poor thing! Doesn’t quite make sense but let’s move on. He is found guilty and is sentenced to death but while pending for the sentence, he spends time at the privately run prison – Deadman Wonderland. Apparently the prisoners here run an amusement park…uh huh!! What the heck!? There is also a strange albino looking girl with white hair. More importantly, in the face of danger, the boy seems to call upon some dark powerful strength that seems very similar to power used to kill the class of students…The art is pretty good but pretty darn gory!! I’d say I’ll give it one more episode…


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