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Aren’t they cute?! I stole the picture from Shizuka’s blog. hehe I must say that I like Shizuka’s kimono (or maybe it’s a yukata) the most!! There’s even Etopen there!!! hahahaha


Basically, a high level summary of the story would be: It’s 1925, a time when some school girls are still wearing a kimono…two high school girls decide to setup an all girls’ baseball team but it’s tough as it is not seen as lady like. To make it worse, Akiko (the girl who’s driving the idea) wants to play against BOYS!

At first I was not impressed at all. Probably because of the time period in which the anime is set, plus the permanent two red “blushes” on the main character’s face is so annoying!! Argh! I don’t think it makes her look any cuter!

However, then mid-way through, Akiko explains why she had this idea. Turns out that she was in a conversation with a boy who made the condescending remark that a girl’s place in society is in the household. There is no need for them to have a brain. (Ok, he didn’t QUITE put it in those terms but something along the lines of that.) That pissed Akiko off so she’s adamant to come up with a baseball team and play against boys because that boy is a baseball player. Silly as it sounds, this did put a positive spin into the story for me.

Taishou Ep1a

These girls know NOTHING about baseball so it will be tough but then I like the ‘spirit’ behind it. So far there is no yuri…not sure whether there’d be any but surely there will be some “blush” scenes?! hahaha Oh and there is something to look foward too! There’s Mamiko Noto (dark green hair girl) and Kana Ueda (pig tails)! It’s been ages since I’ve watched Mamiko so I liked it once her character came on screen!

I don’t think the anime is that great but I will watch episode 2…maybe…

hashihime has done ANOTHER amazing summary of what’s to come this season!! Well first of all – the below are on the top of MY “to-watch” list!!! ^_______^ Oh and just to give you a heads up, if it’s got ANY signs of yuri or has one of my favourite seiyuus, I’m basically there!!! hahaha

Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana Ch20d

Do I need to say MORE?!?! HEHEHEHE But there are THREE surprises!!! At least for me!! Are you ready??

  • One of the supporting seiyuus will be Mamiko Noto!!!! YAY!!!!
  • One of them will be Aki Toyosaki!! Who’s that?! It’s YUI from K-ON!!! She will be voicing Miwa Mogi…hmm…who’s that!? OMG! Just realised!! “Yui” & “Mugi” (Minako Kotobuki) are BOTH in a lot of the new anime!!! ^____^ More later!!
  • The music will also be done handled by Haketa Takefumi who was in charge of Vampire Knight’s OST!!! Now THAT’s something to look forward too!!

Can’t WAIT!!!! It’s here on 1 July!!

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saki-mainBefore I start my rant, let me justify that my take on this anime is REASONABLY objective as I have not read the manga. However, I do note that I’m a big fan of Marimite which may sway my view slightly given the seiyuu involved.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this anime was a VERY pleasant surprise!! Not only is it a little adrenalin rushing (when did mahjong become such an interesting ‘sport’???) but there seems to some sprinkling of yuri!!! AHAHA I was again trying to procrastinate from doing some real work when I casually remembered this new anime series. Why not…let me youtube…that’s where it all went downhill! haha I almost woke up late the next day!! hahaha

My first reaction 1 minute into the anime:

  • Art looked ok
  • Oooooh…!!! YURI!!! “What a beautiful girl…” (what a giveaway!?! It was like, “let’s at least lock in the yuri die hard fans”….YEP ME!!!! hahaha)
  • Ok, those ‘assets’ look a tad too much…(Tsk! So typical of the Japanese!?!) I honestly thought it was meant to be a joke and we’d find out that she’s just stuffed something up there!?! But I’m wrong! Clearly…
  • It’s YUMI in a new uniform!! hahaha I particularly picked up on this when Saki is caught looking at Nodoka and hides behind her book!! ^_^ Like Yumi x Sachiko!!! =) I like!!!! I don’t care whether it’s just admiration (or maybe a little bit more??? *hopeful*) but I’m definitely watching this with yuri goggles on!! ^_____^

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Oooh!! Just realized that episode 1 of Saki has been subbed!! It’s available on YouTube. I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes but I’m liking it!!! With a cast involving Kana Ueda, Ami Koshimizu, Rie Kugumiya and Shizuka Ito, I feel like it’s almost a Marimite reunion!!! We just need Mamiko Noto or Kaori Shimizu!! Oh and Sachiko & Yoshino!! Haha *sigh* forgive me. I’m still suffering from my Marimite s4 withdrawal symptoms!!

Anyway check out Saki!! I’ll try to write up a full post later on episode 1. Oh and more importantly, what’s the go with Saki blushing when she sees Nodoka?!? Is it just me with hyper sensitive yuri goggles or are others sensing something too???? I’m not a follower of the manga so have NO idea what’s ahead!!?!?

Tanjoobi omedetoo!! She has just turned 28!!! Congratulations!!

baku_miko040You don’t know her?! How can that be? She is the long time ‘friend’ of Hitomi Nabatame!!

They have an interesting relationship…trust me. You HAVE to read this if you haven’t already!

The two of them have a radio show together and they will be releasing a CD later this month that will apparently record their ‘marriage ceremony’! Oh dear…what NEXT?!?! LOL

The thing to note is that their CD will have many notable seiyuu – including….*DRUM ROLLS*

Mamiko Noto: How could we leave her out!?

Miko Ito: Sachiko from Marimite!!

Kana Ueda: Yumi from Marimite!

Ayako Kawasumi: Chikane from Kannazuko no Miko

Ami Koshimizu: Nina Wang from Mai-Otome, Tenma from School Rumble and Kanako from Marimite!

Rina Sato: Tsutako from Marimite

Sayaka Ohara: Alicia from Aria (haven’t watched this yet…)

WOW! What a cast! I wish I could understand Japanese…*sigh*

After watching Mnemosyne, I really need to relax my mind with something light and fluffy! I was hoping to pick up something yuri and where I can literally switch off my brain. Hmm…I tend to do that too often these days…oh well ^_^

Initially I tried Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho but after being spoiled by two consecutive animes where the art was pretty damn good (Simoun and Mnemosyne), I really couldn’t bear to watch it! It was done only in 2004 but the art just looks so old! I watched episode 1 and it really reminded me of Sailormoon. I guess I was also put off by how young the character looked. End result: I decided to move on.





While searching for Magical Girl on Veoh, I stumbled across Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl. I had heard about the plot AGES ago but could never bring myself to watch it. The idea of a guy turning into a girl was just…err…not my thing. BUT, given the link to episode 1 was just in front of me and I could tell the art was better, might as well give it a go. Within a few minutes into it, I thought “Geez, Hazumu’s voice (the guy) sounds REALLY familiar!”. After a quick Wiki search, it turns out that it’s my dear Yumi from Marimite!! Kana Ueda!! Ok, so they even got a girl to play the voice of the ‘guy’. That’s good – makes the transition easier. Then I noticed that he’s BASICALLY portrayed with a character of a shy girl. Ok, another safe move. Finally, they never showed his eyes while he was a boy so you don’t really have a “boy” set in mind. More like a blank face. I feel like you can basically ignore the fact that he was a guy to start with.

Already now, I feel like I might like it given the setting…HA! What a quick change in view! LOL Another 15 minutes in and I’m already starting to see some real potential. Thing is, Hazumu’s character also reminds me of Yumi’s character! HAHA! Great! It’s amazing how I link everything back to Marimite! hahaha 

Anyway, so far it looks promising!


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