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My CDs arrived today!! YAY!! hahaha Argh…splurged like almost A$90 on 4 CDs….=P Oh well, they were well worth it! As promised before, I have uploaded the lyrics from the drama. The lyrics are good as they match the storyline. Enjoy! Note that I’m posting ENGLISH lyrics…The lyrics are largely translated by Love Song – the group who fansubbed the drama! I’ve also tweaked some of the words after seeing some chinese translations…It might be hard to make full sense of it but I tried! I think I like the lyrics to the insert song more – lyrics again translated by Love Song. Btw, Love Song does high quality subbing if you don’t know already!

Theme song: Will it be a fine day tomorrow?

The hot tears and cry of love, where have those wonderful days gone?
Tomorrow I will be wandering on the streets with no turning back
I listen carefully to the voice whispering in the depths of my heart
I hide alone in the corner of a dark street, reminiscing the sky from that day
God grants us loneliness and tests us
Cry when you want to cry
Is it destiny that forces one to be fearful? Day passes day

Oh baby no, maybe the love has gone, 
I can only sigh and throw my despair and anger to the world
Oh baby, you are maybe
Crossed in sorrow and happiness
The feeling of happiness once more, hugs you tightly
To love yourself from back then brings back beautiful memories
More than the faraway past, the life that has yet to unfold
Exists to make that one dream come true
Who will open the door of miracles?
Smile, just once more
Do you realise that the key of destiny is in your hand?

Oh baby, no, maybe the love has gone?
In despair, left with only regret
Oh baby, smile baby
Life is not forever
Everyone whispers to themselves
Softly in their hearts
Will it be a fine day tomorrow?
Underneath the faraway sky
Insert song: Little love song

One of many in this wide universe
In the great world of this blue Earth
This tiny feeling of love will reach you on the little island
Time has passed since I first met you
The letters with my feelings grow in numbers
Without us realising, it is already echoing between us
Sometimes intense, sometimes sad
It echoes distantly
This gentle song changes the world

Look, the person who is important to you is right beside you
I just want to reach only you
This echoing love song
To this echoing love song

You noticed that even the dark street we walk on is lit up by the moon every night
Not letting go of the hand I held
The feelings are strong, I promise forever
In the depths of forever, I’ll surely say
These same words with my feelings unchanged
But it’s still not enough and turns into tears
It turns into joy, I can’t put into words
Just embracing, just embracing

Look, the person who is important to you is right beside you
I just want this to reach only you
This echoing love song
To this echoing love song

If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
The time I spent with you
Will turn into everlasting stars

Look, the person who is important to you is right beside you
I just want this to reach only you
This echoing love song
To this echoing love song

The music in this drama is quite amazing…the key thing is that the lyrics fit the storyline perfectly. I think it is the first time I have gone off to buy the CDs for the soundtrack and theme song. I even bought the CD that Rei lends to Kenzo!! haha That CD’s key appearance is in episode 2 (my favourite)!! hahaha Oh dear…This is all I have been listening to in the last two weeks! The instrumental version of the theme song has been played 171 times on my itunes, ranking 6th on the most played list. The last time I was this crazy about a drama’s music was Terms of a Witch (an all time favourite of mine). Here are the picture of all the CDs!

The CD with the black cover is the single for the theme song but more importantly is the last one! This CD appears for the first time in Episode 2 where Rei lends it to Kenzo…

OMG…a recent find! This drama aired in 2007 and achieved average viewership ratings of 17.3%.  I had heard about this drama but as I was not too familiar with the actors and the storyline seemed a bit far-fetched, I just wasn’t too keen. BUT, given the raves I heard, I obtained a copy….JUST in case I needed something to watch! I mean, in the end, it is still a pure romance drama which is a rare find these days! Trust me, I know! haha *slightly embarrassed*

Okay, so here it goes:
Kenzo finds himself at the wedding of Rei and Tada-san. As he watches the ceremony, the exchange of vows, the pain and regret in him grows…why did he not tell her his feelings? “If only I had gathered my courage and confessed my feelings…”

So, as he is having these thoughts, suddenly, the fairy that resides in the church appears. He feels sorry for this guy and gives him the opportunity to return back in time to ‘fix’ things. Kenzo is given this opportunity a number of times through out the drama, each time for a few hours. In the end…obviously I’m not going to tell you! haha

Reason why I like this drama – though the ‘travel back in time’ sounds a bit silly and juvenile, there is actually not much ‘comedy’ and is not as light hearted as it seems. Though as an audience, there will be many occasions where you will want to throw the cushion (that you’re holding tightly as you watch the drama) at Kenzo for being so not upfront with his feelings, you will be touched by his inner thoughts i.e. the voice overs in the drama. I like the underlying streak of sadness/regret/pain that runs throughout the drama. It’s almost like watching a pair of ‘star-crossed’ lovers (a term that a friend of mine LOVES! You know who you are!) i.e. you can so tell that both Rei and Kenzo like each other but their timing was just wrong and both have stupid ‘hold my feelings back’ kind of character!  It’s like, JUST BLURT IT OUT!!! DAMN IT!! Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea.

Another reason (there are quite a few…) I like it, is it has a strong sense of nostalgia through out the drama. Because Kenzo is constantly traveling back in time as a working adult back to his highschool/uni years, it reminds myself of the growth I have gone through in the last few years! Great background music also gives it extra brownie points! To the left of my blog is the player with the instrumental background music of the theme song. I LOVE IT! The lyrics to the theme song also really matches the storyline! Amazing! I will post the chinese translated lyrics later. I will also try to post the English lyrics that has been translated by Love Song (a fansub group).

Overall, this drama is a sure winner for me! My favourite episodes (from most preferred): 2 (I’ve watched this at least over 10 times!! Once every night!!), 11 (the finale), 3 (one scene! Cute!) and 4 (the button…). Sigh…I’ve reached the end….

Well, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!!


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