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I miss the art…I miss Sumi and her kakkoi karate outfit…I miss the look of Sumi when’s melting with cheesiness…the cocky Miyako and Tomoe the club’s president!!!!  It’s available at Dynasty Scans right now!! Thank you guys!!

To make it more exciting, we have the triangular feelings going on with Mayu x Sumi x Koi. I wish this could be released faster!! *pause* Oh wait! I just bought volumes 3 and 4!!! Have we passed volume 4 yet?!?

*goes off to check*

-_-” It ended at chapter 24. I love it though. The art is AMAZING!!! I’m looking for more touching scenes to come!!!!

Dynasty Scans has released chapter 33!!! I haven’t read it yet but the below page (it’s page 2) seems pretty promising!? I haven’t read it yet myself…*cross fingers* I vaguely recall a friendly passerby left me a message to say it’s a bit of a filler..I THINK…

SK CH32-Ushio

GOod news is that chapter 32 is out!! Bad news is that it’s the RAWS!!!! X_X

BLOODY HELL!!! I wish I could read Japanese!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!~ All I can read is “USHIO!!!” written all over the pages!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!

Read at your own risk! Raws available here! All thanks to ranmaru and a guest that left me this IMPORTANT message!!! Thanks guys!!

Edit: I just checked it out!! OMG!!! >_<


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