This movie was released like a year ago in Thailand but recently caught my eye when it was one of the movies showing at the Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. I didn’t go watch it at the festival as tickets were sold out but I have since watched it and…YOU SHOULD GO AND WATCH IT!! hahaha It’s very cute. :)

The story is about two girls, Pai (femme) and Kim (tomboy) who are in uni and are roommates. Pai starts off disliking Kim as she doesn’t like how she’s such a tomboy. Well clearly things change!! Pai is one of those girls that can get away with murder in my opinion!!! Very adorable and cute. Kim is actually quite cute too. Aside from her appearance, she’s not at all like a guy – but then it it’s Thai so I might not be picking up on some linguistic things.

It’s a sweet story. Nothing overly complicated and you would be able to guess how the story goes and ends but it’s still very enjoyable! Check it out!!

An English subbed version is available on Youtube. The English deteriorates a bit near the end but it’s tolerable!! Let me know what you think!!