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First of all, Fansubwiki is the best place to start if you want a full picture of what’s to come!! Here I’m just going to highlight a few that caught my eye…hehe

1. BOSS ~ 16 April

bossOMG! This is a must see!! Why it’s no. 1 on my list:

The cast! We have Yuki Amami (been a fan since watching Top Caster), Yutaka Takenouchi (*jaw drop*), Erika Toda (a pretty face to watch) and last of all…Tetsuji Tamayama!!! STELLAR CAST!! Surely you have to agree!?!

The story is not completely original but hey I can deal with that! Yuki leads a team of detectives to solve crimes. She’s smart and capable but she has one problem – a difficulty in understanding men!! Fat chance finding a husband!? LOL

But LAST but not least, the MUSIC!! Our music man behind Triangle is BACK!! Hiroyuki Sawano will be taking charge of BOSS’ soundtrack! Now with that list, surely it’s at least worth watching ONE episode!?!

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triangle-hirosueHiroyuki Sawano 澤野弘之 and Yuki Hayashi 林ゆうき are THE men whose composing the music in Triangle!  But from what I can find, it seems that Hiroyuki has a longer track record involved in drama and anime soundtracks. Yuki seemed to have started his career composing music for men’s rhythmic gymnastics (there are some links on his website and the music is D&MN good! I think this is the best one).

Anyway, other notable works by Hiroyuki are (biography):

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Edit: I have added a music file ripped off from the closing scenes! Check it out! It’s overwhelming and powerful!

Before I start rambling, I must say that I am REALLY impressed by Rollins! Not only do the subs look great but they pumped out the hard subs about a week after the episode was broadcasted! That’s honestly as fast as any group can go! If you’re watching their works, please leave a word of thanks over at D-Addicts!

Anyway, back to Triangle…

My initial impression in the first 5 minutes: murder, tension, anticipation, a struggle with time, statute of limitations, 15 years later, 10 years later…”what the HECK is going to happen next?”…oh, France…(yay Hirosue!!)

The above was honestly my initial thoughts as I watched the first FIVE minutes. That’s a lot of stuff running through my head. The style was all somewhat time driven and the background music brought the tension up a notch or two higher. I’m thinking…this is looking promising…very promising…

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