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I decided to check this anime out cos the story sounded kind of interesting but it was mainly the art that captured my attention. The animation seemed very high quality and the character design of the girls kind of remind me of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic! It’s the really pointy noise and dainty looking faces. I seriously find Shizuma very hard to beat on the looks side. *SWOONS* hahahaha

My only complaint about this anime from watching it for a few minutes is their oversized BREASTS!!! *ROLL EYES* Seriously. *sigh* On the whole though, I do like the designs. The soundtrack that played in the opening was promising too. Finally for good measure, there are a tonne of seiyuu that will ring a bell!

  • Ami Koshimizu – Nina Wang from Mai Otome, Kanako from Marimite, Holo from Spice & Wolf
  • Aoi Yuuki – Alice from Croisee, Madoka from Puella Magi
  • Marina Inoue – Natsuru from Kampfer, Matsurika from Maria Holic,
  • Miyuki Sawashiro – Maria from Arakawa, Canaan from Canaan!!
  • Ai Shimizu – Tamao from Strawberry Panic!
  • Mai Nakahara – Nagisa from Strawberry Panic!
  • Minako Kotobuki – Mugi from K-ON!
Episode 1 was just seeing the class of students trying to attack their sensei. Looks interesting enough…and the fighting it kind of cool. I think that mysterious girl with the grey hair is Horizon? I’ll keep watching! ^_^

Yes – after watching those two episodes, my first reaction was:


hahahaha I enjoyed watching those two episodes! I liked seeing Ricchan act girly (SO WEIRD!!! and she said she couldn’t breathe with the shirt tucked in!!! hahahaha) and Mio dressed all rough…*faints* That loose collar and tie…I’m sure that got a lot of us squealing!!! ^_^

I cracked up when Ricchan complained about the script:

This is so cheesy!! Who the heck wrote this!?!!

HAHAHAHA The first person I thought of was Sapphire Onee-chan!!! LOL

Yui was just a good crack up. At first I honestly thought she was going to have to fill in someone else’s role and learn the lines in the last minute but NO! HAHAHA She has the qualities to be both a tree and a BUSH!!!  I also had to include a pic of Azunyan in her yukata!!! Makes me feel like wearing one now!! She looks so cute!!

*sigh* I kind of wish I got a Strawberry Panic scene…the famous episode where Shizuma and Nagisa played Carmen and Don Jose. As cheesy and unoriginal as it was, I LOVED IT!!!! If you haven’t watched Strawberry Panic then you must watch it!!! I think it’s about time we had a full blow yuri anime voiced by our favourite yuri seiyuu like Naba-chan, Mamiko, Shizuka…

I just absolutely adore Hitomi’s character!!! (btw, adore is my “new cute” word this week…hehe) She’s one of my favourite seiyuu! Her voice is so sweet yet so distinctive at the same time! I can’t help but think of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic!!! ^_^

Yoku Ep2a

Hehehe There’s no hiding where my focus is!! A new character also enters the screen – Kaho-chan! She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki who was also Tsumugi from K-ON! The episode doesn’t tell us much about her, except that she’s a classmate of Koyomi (blue hair girl). Not much actually happens in this episode except that Misa agrees to teach Koyomi magic!!

I think I will continue watching this one. As long as it doesn’t go all crap, I’ll watch it just for Hitomi!!

SP-aI’m a regular visitor of Tranquil Spring’s website. They scanlate various yuri works – manga series, one-shots and even a drama series (Mendol Ikemen Idol)!! At the moment I’m only reading the manga series, Octave, which is actually on two adult girls (these are rare…). However, I must admit that I’m not a fan. I feel that Setsuko is too cool for Yukino who is just a bit too much of a complainer. But anyway, let’s leave Octave for another time.

More importantly, just today, they released a SP doujin!!! I LOVE IT!! Quite cute!!! It’s safe for kiddies too!! I always appreciate works where there are doki doki moments without stepping into ‘adults only’ territory!! The art is good too! Clean and closely resembles the original character designs. Must read for all Strawberry Panic fans!!!

P.S. Oooh! Don’t they look cute!! I feel like rewatching SP all over again!! haha


HAHA Now THIS picture caught your attention, right?!?! ^_________^

Usually I do not take a liking in fan art as I’m quite picky particularly in terms of the quality of the art but this is a clear winner! Who does not agree?! Again, I don’t know who the creator of the picture is. If it is you and you do not wish to have it posted here, just let me know!

Mai-Otome was the first anime where I looked up for fan fiction. ShizNat is one of my favourite pairings! Hmm…I wonder why…I think it was the subtlety of their relationship in the anime AND I seem to have a soft spot for characters with dark blue hair!! (Think Sachiko here…) Plus, who cannot like Shizuru’s playful character? Reminds me of a feminised Sei from Marimite and Shizuma from SP!

Yuribou made some good fanfic recommendations on his post. It’s not a bad spot to start but I’ve sifted through and listed my favourites below!

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LOL guys! This is great timing! In our last batch of Tessa’s recommendations (there’s still a final part 4 to go…), many of the manga mentioned is published by SEVEN SEAS! Right now, RightStuf is currently doing a sale on many of their Seven Seas stock.

These particular items caught my attention!!

When I saw this sale, I was both in pain and in excitement!!! Aaah!! MY WALLET!!! >_<

HAHA You guys getting anything?

OMG! Fans of the seiyuu: Hitomi Nabatame, Mamiko Noto, Shizuka Ito and Kaori Shimizu – MUST check out this post!!! It completely cracked me up! hahaha I felt like I was warped into a real world of Strawberry Panic or a naughty version of Marimite!!! LOL

Here’s a glimpse of the post…AHAHAHA

Be careful who you cheat with. And when you cheat, please don’t do it openly (i.e. via blog posts) and for god’s sake, don’t show off your trophy pictures to the whole world…


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