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The drama starring Tetsuji Tamayama, Prisoner, will be airing on 16 November!! That’s AAAGES away! It was said in an earlier article that it will be remake of the US show Prison Break. I haven’t read anything more so not sure on the level of similarity. In any case, Tetsuji is a good enough reason for me to watch! Check out the official website – there’s a trailer! So far, it’s said to be only 5 episodes (wiki).

Tetsuji Tamayama has a new drama lined up! In November this year, his new drama, Prisoner will be airing in Japan! Guess what? It is based off Prison Break!! Ooooh….Tetsuji getting all rugged looking!

The story will focus on him, an innocent man, being imprisoned in a gaol in Thailand. Like in Prison Break, he will think of ways to escape! Tetsuji has said that they will attempt to apply the success factors of Prison Break but realises that they will be filming on a much smaller scale. Nevertheless, they will try to put their best efforts on screen. The drama will be filmed in Pataya along with the assistance of the Thai navy. 

Can’t wait to see Tetsuji all roughed up!!! hahaha


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