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How many times I have said this now!? Yes…again…not a whole lot happens in this episode. -_- BUT, I didn’t mind so much cos almost the whole episode is on Misa!! She’s so cool and top it off with Naba-chan’s voice, PERFECT!!

Yoku Ep8a

Oh and there were others in the episode – just a short appearance. Seriously we’re already up to episode 8!! Is ANYTHING going to happen!?!!

Yoku Ep8b

Aaaaaaah!! I’m disappointed!!!! Nothing really happened in this episode!!! >_<

Grrrr….!! Luckily I got a glimpse of Misa and there was a bit of cute Misa x Yumiko moment at the end otherwise I’d be even more annoyed!!!! BOOOHOOO!!! I really episode 8 picks up!!

Yoku Ep7a

The story is getting frustrating. I know it’s not important but we’re up to episode 6 now and we’re only up to the opening scene where the two girls are fighting that French mage!! For *BEEP* sake!! MOVE ON!! Koyomi for whatever reason travels back in time to 6 yrs ago where she meets the younger Yumiko. Together along with the Misa from the past, together destroys/kills the mage. At least we got a brief yuri-ish moment…

Yoku Ep6a

Oh and we get to see Misa in her “good Santa” outfit!!! I must admit that it STILL looks quite cute! Along with Hitomi’s voice!? PERFECT! Well finally the story for this bit has ended. I’m really keen on seeing a FRESH storyline. Can we please???

Yoku Ep6b

LOL!! Seriously – I’m not watching this anime for the story. But I think it turned out like there was some time traveling. Apparently Misa had sent Koyomi back in time 6 years ago to find out some password of a program that she had created then. That’s basically how it all started. Anyway, like I said, my mind didn’t really focused on the story.

I just love watching the characters!!! Look how cool Misa looks!! Looooove Naba-chan!!

Yoku Ep5a

BUT there’s still MORE!! haha My favourite quote for the week!!

Who am I? I’m a good Santa!!!


Yoku Ep5b

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I’m becoming a growing fan of Misa and I’m almost 99% sure it’s because it’s Naba-chan that is voicing her!! I love her playful voice! I’m hooked!! haha It’s been a while since I watched an anime with Naba being a lead voice. The fact that Misa’s character slightly resembles Rin from Mnemosyne also helps!! The character here is laid back, relaxed and likes having a bit of fun!!! hahaha I like that second pic!! hahaha

Yoku Ep4b

Another aspect that’s really drawing me into this anime is the relationship between Misa and Yumiko! It’s like a love hate relationship!! hehe LOVE those!!

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I think Yumiko (pink girl) is cursed with losing her…er um…panties!! haha That happened in episode 1 and is happening again now!! hahaha Not a whole lot happens in this episode but I am seriously getting a bit lost with the timeline of this anime?!?!

First it starts with Yumiko looking much older than what we saw in episode 1. Next we see Kaho and Koyomi taking lessons from Misa!?! When did Kaho become a mage in training too?! I thought we were simply introduced in episode 2 that Kaho was a classmate of Koyomi’s?! Finally, Yumiko and Koyomi meet again but they don’t seem to recognise each other…!?!?! Does someone know what’s going on?!!?!

Oh and there was a MARIMITE moment!!! AHAHAHAHA Yumiko fixes Koyomi’s tie and even says the classic Marimite line, “Gokigenyou”. *BEAM* hahahaha

Yoku Ep3a

Anyway. Koyomi and Yumiko bump into each other on some random occasion and basically goes off together to hunt down a Daemon that managed to run away with Yumiko’s favourite…umm…PANTIES!! You can imagine that obviously created a few awkward laughable moments. Did I mention that I like blushes?! There’s plenty of those!!

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I just absolutely adore Hitomi’s character!!! (btw, adore is my “new cute” word this week…hehe) She’s one of my favourite seiyuu! Her voice is so sweet yet so distinctive at the same time! I can’t help but think of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic!!! ^_^

Yoku Ep2a

Hehehe There’s no hiding where my focus is!! A new character also enters the screen – Kaho-chan! She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki who was also Tsumugi from K-ON! The episode doesn’t tell us much about her, except that she’s a classmate of Koyomi (blue hair girl). Not much actually happens in this episode except that Misa agrees to teach Koyomi magic!!

I think I will continue watching this one. As long as it doesn’t go all crap, I’ll watch it just for Hitomi!!


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