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It’s going to be out on 19 December!! Trailer is out!! Looks good!!


Joe Hisaishi recently announced its schedule for its 2009 tour in Japan!! OMG!!! I so want to go!! hahaha I can’t read Japanese so I’m just using an online translator. Forgive me if there are mistakes! He will be doing two different programs:

  • Program A – 1st Symphony, Departures, Kiki’s Delivery Service and others
  • Program B – The End of the World, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and others

I would LOVE to see both performances! I’m sure it would be amazing…hmm…*thinking* Who’s interested?? =)

Btw, if you want to have a taste of its music then try here – quite a few of his recent albums!! My recent favourite? Departures’ OST (also known as Okuribito)!!


okuribitoSurely by now you have probably heard of some amazing Japanese movie that swept up this year’s Best Foreign Film of the Year at the Academy Awards. You haven’t?! NO WORRIES! That’s what I’m here for! LOL

The movie is called Okuribito おくりびと, or more commonly known as Departures in the Western markets. I just watched it this week and decided it was DEFINITELY worth a post! Breathtaking would be an appropriate word. It’s also completely fresh. At first I was a little worried that it might be a bit slow and boring at parts (I find that jmovies are sometimes a hit or miss OR you need to be fully charged prior to watching it) but it wasn’t at all!! The story is a little odd but don’t be scared by it. Give it a go. It’s DEFINITELY worth checking out!!!

Japanese official website + Japanese trailer

The English version of the trailer is available here but I think the Japanese one presents a much more accurate picture of the movie.


Daigo (Motoki Masahiro) is a professional cellist in a small orchestra but just as he thought life was going well, he is told the group is disbanded. Along with his wife, he returns to his hometown in Yamagata and starts looking for a job. He makes way to NK Agent, a travel agency he guesses, as the ad had described itself as dealing with ‘departures’. No experience required. Good pay and short hours? Yep – sounds good.

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aoi-miyazaki-vsnowI haven’t written one of these j-ent / gossip posts in a while…generally I’m not interested but this article caught my eye.

Aoi Miyazaki.

Surely you have heard of this name before? She is a rising star in the Japanese world of movies and dramas.

I’m sure you have seen news of her husband (yes! she’s married and she’s only 23!!) caught cheating behind her back. Apparently, she is sick and tired of his ways (not the first time he’s cheated but first time it’s caught on camera) and has moved back home. Rumour is that their marriage was not  going well to start with. The guy has temper issues and once angered would throw things around the house (geez…doesn’t that sound a bit cliche?). In the meantime, the guy is trying to reassure the media that all is going well with Aoi.

If you ask me, Aoi should just give him a kick up his ass and move on! Sounds like a loser!

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It has been AGES since I saw a production starring Takako Tokiwa. I think she has been staying away from the drama screen for far too long! From my memory, in the last few years, she has been part of some movies and one-off shows but that’s about it.

This year, she has another movie on the horizon! It is expected to be released in October. The movie is Hikidashi no Naka no Love Letter which will be directed by Mishiro Shinichi. He had worked on Hana Yori Dango 2 & Final. 

The movie’s theme is described as “communicating one’s feelings,” lamenting modern society as being full of people that have forgotten how to truly express themselves, reduced to just formal greetings and impersonal messages. Its story is based on the book “Todokanakatta Love Letter,” which has become a big seller due to its popularity online. 

In the film, Tokiwa plays a radio show host whose father died without being able to express himself. For more…

I like the sound of this movie! Yay!! Finally get to see Takako!! She’s been one of my favourite actresses since watching the Japanese drama, Beautiful Life.

Have you guys seen the movie Always – Sunset on Third Street? It was such a box office seller that they did a sequel and have now decided to round up the gang for a THIRD!

I’ve only seen the first one and REALLY enjoyed it. It’s set in post war Tokyo and Maki, has just arrived in Tokyo thinking she is here to work at a large automotive company but turns out to be a small repair garage. Her arrival, how she settles, intertwines with the other short stories in the neighbourhood. There’s an unsuccessful writer, a dancer with shady past who now owns a bar… The movie is heartwarming and intimately captures everyone’s strive at finding their place in society. In the background there is the half-built Tokyo Tower symbolising hope and a better tomorrow.

It was the opening film for the Japanese Film Festival a few years ago and I was swept away by the director’s skill and the delicate atmosphere he created. Pace is good and the music is quite breathtaking. A must see! Though I can understand it might not fit everyone’s tastes.

Anyway, back to Maki – they are now preparing the filming of the next sequel and the director, Takashi Yamazaki, says:

Maki is a rare find in the Japanese entertainment industry (he actually uses the words “close to extinct”). Nowadays, few actresses exhibit her dedication and willingness to put so much effort into a role (she has to practice speaking with an accent for Always). On top of that, she carries a distinct air of elegance and purity. I hope she can continue to be like this (source).

Good work Maki! Though I must say I can think of one other actress – JURI!!! ^_^ I feel like re-watching Always and the sequel. Check this out guys!

The theme song of the new Galileo movie has been released! It’s called 最愛, read in Japanese as Saiai and means roughly my dearest love. I heard it is written by Masaharu but I could be wrong. The CD will be available for sale on 1 October (3 days before the movie). Might just pop it into my basket! haha I do have a 500yen coupon that needs to be used!!! =P

The song is pretty nice and from the few words I can catch plus the name of the song, it sounds fairly romantic. Hopefully it means we might see some serious Utsumi x Yukawa relationship development!

But, the music video is kind of disappointing! There’s no hint/preview of the movie at all. Oh well…at least this will help the Galileo drought that we’re suffering!! LOL

Music video is here and I’ve also ripped the music off the video. Enjoy~


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