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~spoilers ahead~

Thanks to Tsundere Translations for providing us yuri fans with four chapters of the Candy Boy Manga! It’s been out since December ’09! I didn’t know what to expect, but it does maintain that very sweet atmosphere from the anime and goes into a little more detail about Yukino and Kanade’s lives.

The Manga definitely contains sprinkles of fresh aww moments dashed here and there between the twins in addition to some funny parts! The bit where Saku-chan is tied up and hanging from the ceiling so the sisters can have a peaceful walk alone, cracked me UP! Hahaha! That reminded me of the last episode of the anime where Saku-chan is wrapped in the blanket and falls asleep. Also, a new character is introduced! Yurippe plays a cool and tough yet caring and supportive classmate/best friend to Kana-chan.

Although nothing overly exciting really happens in the manga, it is still worth checking out..

Hehehehe BODY PILLOW CASES I hear!??!?! kekekeke What’s with them at the moment?!! First Saki and now Candy Boy! Actually it’s more like the other way round – Candy Boy was out ages ago!! hahahaha

Well in this final episode (*sob*), Saku invites the twins and Shi-chan to this pool before it is opened to the public. Of course she has something sinister in mind!!! To take pictures of her precious Kanade-senpai in swimwear and use those pictures for a body pillow!!! hahaha THAT really got me laughing!! I must say that the recent drama with the Saki body pillows also helps. hehehehe Of course, Saku had to be brought back under control…in good old Candy Boy style…hahaha

Candy Boy Ep8a

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GUYS! Quick update, Tranquil Spring just released chapter 12 of Octave today! Episode 7 of Candy Boy has also been subbed by Frostii!! WaaaaH!!! I see a HUGE wave of yuri coming through!!! HEHEHEHE

CB Ep7a


For those poor souls out there who do not understand Japanese, Saseko has pointed me to this wonderful summary that Blue Blue Wave has posted!!! Check it out!!!

Edit: The raws are available at Toyko Toshokan! All thanks goes to [Q-R] for making the raws available for us all!!

I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what they’re going on about but my wish was granted!!!! ^_^ Enjoy!

oshirase0422The date for episode 7 has been confirmed!! The final episode will debut on Friday 8 May!!! What AWAITS!? It’s almost time to say good bye!!! *SOB*

This was actually announced on the official website in late April so I apologise if you already know this! Don’t know how it slipped out of my radar?!! >_<

Thanks to peach and ikon, they both flagged to me that subs are out! After a quick search I’ve found the link! Watch it now!! The torrent for the subbed version is also available – titled [AK] CandyBoy [06].mkv.



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