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THe FINALE is OUT!!! Thank you Tranquil Spring!! I thought this was a very lovely peaceful chapter. It was a nice conclusion. The only question I had was understanding the last 4 pages. Is that another letter? From Yukino to who?

Thank you Tranquil Spring!!! Another chapter of Octave is waiting for us!!!! Go grab it!! I know we’re nearing the end. Anyone know how many more chapters we have to go?

OK – that’s a BIT EXAGGERATED I must admit :P but I’m so happy with this ending!!!! ^_______________^ Thank you Tranquil Spring for bringing us chapter 30!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!

Chapter 29 left me with a question marks and surprises all over the place. First of all, I was surprised by the impact of the fight to Setsuko. I didn’t realise she loved Yukino that much. I guess it must be the cold front that she tends to put up. Maybe Yukino doesn’t know this either. Next was Yukino’s nonchalant reaction to Kamo-chan’s confession that her boyfriend blurted about Yukino’s relationship with a woman. I was honestly surprised that she didn’t act all awkward. I guess it was all a strong and “doesn’t bother me because it’s hardly true” kind of front. At the end she seems to be ready to make up with Setsuko!!!! *CROSSES FINGERS*

We are so lucky!!! Tranquil Springs has released chapter 26!!!!!!!! I’ll just say, as frustrating as this chapter is, I feel it has accurately portrayed each character’s response and the whole picture is fairly real to me. Ok I won’t spoil this chapter anymore…

I went completely *GASP x 999999* when I was reading this!!! YOU HAVE TO READ IT NOW!!!! Did Yukino screw up again!? Will Setsuko forgive her?! GO READ IT!!!! Thank you Tranquil Spring for the scanlation!!

Tranquil Spring has released chapter 22!! OK so Yukino does not do something in this chapter BUT, despite that this chapter is WHACKED!!! I’m reading it and all I’m saying is:


*pause a 20 more seconds*


*another 30 more seconds*


My reaction at the end of this chapter?!?!

OH BOY…!!!!?!! O_O


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