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I’m so disappointed…I don’t even know how to express it in words!!! I can only let out a BIIIG sigh!! WAAAH!!

I recently checked out the dramas in the coming season at the FansubWiki website, Jdrama Fansub Map 2008. If you don’t know of this site already then it’s a must visit for true j-drama fans! That’s where I find out what good dramas are coming up!

Damn…unlike last season where there were a fair few that caught my eye (like Osen and *LAST FRIENDS*), this time round there seems to be only one that’s worth checking out – Code Blue – コード・ブルー.


Yamashita Tomohisa from Proposal Daisakusen

Toda Erika from Liar Game


Looks like some kind of helicopter medical drama.


I do not doubt that this will be a decent drama that’s worth watching but I must admit that I’m not a huge Yamashita fan. He had a few touching moments in PropDai (the only drama I’ve watched him in) but overall, I feel that he was a little too “blank” in his expressions. Also, taking like 11 episodes to confess to Masami just PISSED the crap out of me…LOL…His acting kind of reminds me of Takuya Kimura – like how he holds his face still/blank but then suddenly breaks into a smile. What do you think? Anyway, you have to agree that compared to Last Friends this one definitely lacks the extra sparkle!! Ruka!!!! Where’s my Ruka!??!! hahaha

Oooh just a final word – there are three great things about this drama:

1. OST – Sato Naoki is putting together the soundtrack!! She’s had quite a few amazing works…hmm…hehe..*raises brows*…maybe this drama is worth checking out! Some of her past works which are my favourites include Orange Days (5 STARS!), Top Caster and Good Luck! Given she did such a great job with the last two, I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of “let’s go and save the world” music!! hahaha

2. Love Song is subbing this! These guys are great! They did a wonderful job subbing Bara no nai Hanaya! High quaility hard subs and best of all – it took them only 1 week for each episode! Sometimes it was even less! *THUMBS UP*

3. Theme song – oops…I just thought of another one! haha Theme song will be HANABI by Mr. Children! Aaah…the team reminds me of good old Orange Days (another top notch drama)!! 

hahaha From the start of this post till now, my feelings have changed! hahaha I’m a tad more excited about this drama now! hehe Will keep you up to date when I check out episode 1 (broadcasted yesterday)!! Well I’m still slightly disappointed though – I mean, that’s only ONE drama! ^_^


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