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I watched three episodes in one go and I spotted FLYING BROOMSTICKS!!! Then we had zombies out to attack people!!! hahha I can explain the zombie bit. There is a guy who is interested in using Kissuiso as a backdrop to a movie and the gang gets to all play a part! YES!!! It’s too good to be true!!! The guy turns out to be a fraud!!!! Anyway, it was during this time when Ohana and friend comes up with a crazy zombie movie idea. Everytime I watch this anime, I feel like going straight to Japan for a holiday.

Did anyone actually work out what why Ohana and Nako-chin were “riding” brooms??!?! I’m completely lost!!!

I still enjoy watching the anime. It’ll be nice if we got some climax thoug!!!

Ok so the story here isn’t exactly mind blowing or overly exciting but that is not the intention of Hanasaku Iroha! After dropping it for a few weeks (went traveling and got busy), I finally caught up a few episodes. I want to go to a Japanese inn NOW!!! AAAAAH!! So far in the story I have particularly enjoyed the episodes where Ohana’s mum visits Kissuiso. The relationship between Ohana and her mum is interesting. I thought it was spot on when Ohana said “you are more like a woman to me than a mum”. WOW. Talk about a succinct sum up! We also managed to see Ohana working with her grandmother to note down all her mum’s likes and dislikes. It’s a strange interaction between the three of them but I found it heartwarming nevertheless. It continues to be a pleasant anime to watch.

This anime tends to have a feel good factor to it with Ohana saving the day in these two episodes!! YAY!!! These two episodes were really one story where the inn is expecting mysterious visitors to come and score its hospitality. That loud and snobbish consultant that works with her nose almost always facing the sky is coming up with so called tactics.

Both the woman and the uncle are some ding dongs!! Luckily Ohana brings the team to their senses, insisting on treating all customers equally. She also manages to find Tohru to come back to help the kitchen. The only problem with this anime, is that seeing them eat the fish tempura is making me HUNGRY!!!! LOL *nibbles on pillow instead* hahaha I liked this story and the train scenes kind of reminded me of Makoto Shinkai’s works – like “5cm per second“. ^_^ Can’t go wrong with that! Now I feel like staying at a ryokan!! Who’s up for it!?! hahaha

GOMEN! I have been a bit distracted lately by other things which has caused my anime watching to fall behind! In episode 6 we get to see the girls in their school uniforms!! haha They’re so cute! I must admit, I’m kind of liking that girl from the other inn. Couldn’t believe what she suggested to Ohana! Overall though, I wasn’t too impressed by episode 6. The new “uniforms”!! Ghastly!!!

Episode 7 was MUCH MUCH better and is by far my favourite episode yet!! Tomoe steals a lot of the limelight and is the focus here but that’s ok cos we get to hear Mamiko’s voice!!!! *SQUEAL* It’s also a funny episode where she’s trying to get fired and so does not hesitate to try and make life hell for the guests. I CRACKED up when she said:

Drop your cocks and grab your socks, ladies!!!

HAHAHA!! Is that translation correct!?! Surely she did not say that!?! Finally, best of all was when Ohana and Nako calls Tomoe “onee-san”!!! OOOH la la!! *YURI ALERT* hahaha A must watch episode!!!

Hmm…what happened in episode 5?! I only watched it like a day ago but I’ve already forgotten!?! Oh dear…old age kicking in!! AAAAAAAH!!

Nothing too much happened – at least I wasn’t too excited by this time’s story. The best bit was that we finally reached the turnaround point in the relationship between Ohana (I think it’s a very cute name btw) and Minchi!!! WOOHOO!! FINALLY!! I was started to get a bit annoyed by Minchi’s attitude towards Ohana! She can be such a cow!! MOOO!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing them spend some time together. Can’t wait for when they become best buddies!!

Episode 4 is exactly how the anime started out to be – beautiful backdrops, pretty character designs and a relaxing slice of life story with some humour thrown in. In this episode we also get to see the girls in their sailor uniforms!! hahaha CUTE!! Ohana tries to befriend Minko but they just simply do not get along. When will that change??  We also find out that Minko has a crush on Touro, the junior chef at the inn. Damn it!! There goes the potential yuri! Finally we have a new character on the block and it’s Yuina from the nearby competing onsen inn. I actually expected her to be a nasty one but she seems very pleasant and bimbo-ish in this episode! haha We’ll see how it goes! Have I been conned by that sweet outlook!!?!

I was so disappointed with this episode!! I felt like I was watching a sleezy ecchi version of Hanasaku Iroha!!! GRRRRR!!! *ANNOYED x 99999999* I have no problems with ecchi-ness. I mean I watch HOTD and Kampfer but here, I felt like it was very  wrong. Maybe because it does not fit the style of the anime!?

*SIGH* Disappointed. :(


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