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Rin is sent to the True Cross Academy where by day, it appears to be some fancy school but it is also in the shadows where the teachings of being an exorcist is held. Rin though Yukio had no idea about their father’s role as an exorcist and how he is Satan’s son but it turns out the opposite. Rin had spiritually wounded Yukio as a kid and as a result, since the age of 7 he had known the truth. He became an official exorcist two years ago and is now Rin’s sensei!! Ha!

I am glad that the two reconcile in this episode. I try to be sympathetic towards Rin but his outbursts are getting on my nerves!! I wish someone would just tame him! I feel like I’m watching something along the lines of Harry Potter. hehehe You know? True Cross Academy is like Hogwarts??? HAHAHA!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

Following on from episode 2, Rin finds out more about his past. Yukio was also expected to inherit Satan’s powers but it was rejected due to his weak body. Rin is tortured Father Fujimoto manages to take Rin back to the church but despite the Exorcists efforts to hold back the demons they break through. Just as we thought the fighting was over, Fujimoto is taken over by Satan and all hell breaks loose (literally!). The Gate of Gehenna is opened and Satan is dragging in Rin. Luckily Fujimoto awakens and kills himself to break away from Satan. To prevent Fujimoto’s dead body from slipping into the depths of hell, Rin pulls out the sword and closes the gate. It’s too late. Fujimoto is dead but in his last words, he still called Rin his son. *sob*

Rin calls a telephone number that Fujimoto had asked him to call – that it was his friend who would help him. The friend turns out to be Mephisto from the True Cross Knight Order. Apparently he has been given the order to kill Rin as he was considered too dangerous to be left on Earth. Rin demands that he is made an Exorcist. An idea that Mephisto finds entertaining so he decides to change his mind!

Hmm…Mephisto looks devil-ish to me. We’ll see whether he’s really a good or bad person. I’m still very entertained by this anime! Go check it out!!!

When I first watched the trailer I thought this was going to be pretty hard core and a tad too dark for me. It very much reminded me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies!!! It’s definitely not for the feint hearted but it’s REALLy good!! It helps that I’m a die hard Keanu Reeves fan!! ^_^

Anyway back onto Ao no Exorcist, episode 1 is actually much more light hearted than how it is portrayed in the trailer. Rin is 15 yr old and his father is a priest (a pretty cool one). He doesn’t seem to have much luck in his studies or even at work which compares somewhat harshly to his twin brother who is like his complete opposite. One day he finds out that he is not human…I’m really liking this show! There are some “chibi” moments which brings out the light heartedness to balance out the story. The animation is top notch too!!! Definitely following this!!

Thank you hashime for preparing a summary of this spring’s shows. I don’t know how I can do this without your concise yet informative summary! I agree – this season looks a lot better than the last. There’s a few I will give it a go and generally the key factors are my main concerns (if you don’t know already) – art, story and seiyuu. The last two kind of go hand in hand. Here we go and broadly in order of preference:

Hanasuka Iroha

Matsumae Ohana is 16 years old and about to start work at an old Japanese hot spring hotel. How I miss those places! I could seriously do with some relaxing right now. I just watched the trailer and I LOVE IT!!! The art is AMAZING! It took my breath away once it came on!  The story line is already kind of sweet and fuzzy but we also seem to have a good mix of colourful nicely designed characters! Is it just me but that girl with black hair def seems to be a tsundere!!! *SQUEAL* Oooh! I even spotted a blush!!! ^_^ To top it off, the music rocks and we have Aki Toyosaki and MAMIKO NOTO!!!! *LOUDER SQUEAL*


Hidan no Aria

This one reminds me of Railgun! There’s a school for training “armed detectives”, there’s ecchi and action! The character designs look ok too! I like the sniper with the headphones!!! Kakkoi!!!! There’s also Rie Kugimiya!! I have just one concern…apparently the director here was also responsible for the ghastly Freezing



Some sci-fi anime about a time machine and a girl gone missing in Akihabara. The art looks pretty good but no particular seiyuu that I am a fan of. I’ll give this one a go – at least for one episode and see how I go.


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

I’m not sure what this is about but the art looks worthy of checking out. Something about the financial district!? I’m lost…The trailer kind of scared me a bit though…


I might want to also give Ao no Exorcist a go as it reminds me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies. It’s scary but I love it! Probably cos it’s got Keanu!! haha Anyway, I’m only doing a slight mention as the anime looks scary!! I might find it too disturbing to watch at night. I’ll see.

Have I missed anything guys!? I’m betting that I’ll end up following just the first two. What will you guys be watching??


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