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Some gossip on the set of Atsu Hime! I haven’t been watching this but just to give a bit of background – it’s a period drama and the protagonist is Aoi Miyazaki. The drama has been getting good ratings despite the Olympics. It’s been getting at least 20%+ and reached a high of 27.7% recently! It’s dramas like these that reminds us that high 20s are still achievable!

Anyway, it’s a long drama and still running despite being up to episode 34. There are some familiar names like Eita, Shota Matsuda and last of all, MAKI HORIKITA! She was a recent addition and plays the daughter-in-law of Aoi and they DON’T GET ALONG! More importantly, the rumour is that Aoi in reality feels threatened by Maki! 

Outside of the filming, the two ignore each other. Apparently, on one occasion, Aoi was flipping through a magazine while on set and saw a survey in which Maki ranked higher than her! Uh oh….NOT HAPPY! It is said that Aoi does not even address Maki by her name when talking to others and instead would say “that person”.

As their interaction in Atsu Hime increases, the tension is also heightening!! Insiders say that the role has been tough on Maki as she has not done period dramas before so is not used to the elaborate garments and headsets. Consequently, she tends to do make mistakes more often that usual. Aoi, knowing this, deliberate waits on the side to see her get embarrassed. The situation has been made worse as Maki becomes increasingly popular and has recently scored the lead role in the upcoming Fuji TV drama, Innocent Love, which will be aired at prime time 9pm (source). 

Hmm…now I feel like I should check the drama out! But then I like my dramas short….maybe…

*I see the pictures below. I think I’m going to faint…(referring to Eita’s hair…)*








OKAY!! Maybe not…I prefer my actors in “normal” clothes!!! Oh and Eita’s hair!?! (what hair??) Ok, I’ll take the Last Friend’s version. ^_^ hahaha

On a more serious note, I don’t know whether the rumour is true or not. I guess it’s not surprising even if it is true. A bit of a pity though cos I liked Aoi’s performance in Heavenly Forest. Oh well…


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