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I haven’t been watching Gosick in a while, largely because of the slower subbing than usual. As pretty as the art is this is getting all a bit routine. *yawn*

Do you guys have any idea what’s the upcoming special episode about? Isn’t it a bit odd to see a “special” episode? I’m looking forward to the start of the new season!!! Darn…I have a headache setting in…GRRRR!!!

Yes…I have been quite lazy with my posts as of late. Sorry guys. Been busy at work and in private but will still try to push out some updates! Haven’t written about GOSICK in a while. In the last three or so episodes there has been a nice change. Rather than working through another mystery that so happened to occur in the vicinity, we get a glimpse of Victorique’s past and the story behind her mother. I thought the backdrop was quite pretty and creative when they stepped into the little town of…damn I forgot the name! -_-” Anyway, the chemistry between Kujou and Victorique has also cranked up a bit. If only the mysteries were more elaborate and compelling – then that would be perfect. How are all the other animes in this season going? What’s your favourite so far? I’m behind in all the other ones. I might do some catching up on Infinite Stratos and Hourou Musuko this weekend. I’m kind of keen to find out what awaits in the next season. hahaha

I must admit that I agree with a lot of you when you commented on episode 1 that the “mysteries” aren’t all that mindblowing BUT Victorique is quite cute!! Haha She cracked me up when she suddenly did a very stiff “ho ho ho ho” to Kazuya cos she figured it was a joke and would laugh! hahahaha It would have been great if the plots turned out more twisted and unexpected but I think I’ll hang on for a few more episodes. Not sure whether I’ll stick along all the way to the end though. *sigh* Kind of busy these days. I want to check out Infinite Stratos next! :)

This anime briefly reminds me of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin…it’s the monster/scary/occult type scene, the mysteries and the idea of urban legends. The start of this episode scared the crap out of me too! I didn’t expect blood in the first few seconds! I mean, the trailer certainly didn’t suggest it!

I say it was all a pleasant surprise as the trailer really was not a true reflection of the anime. First of all, I thought Victorique was meant to be a prim and proper lady but she SO isn’t!! She’s a bit of a princess and child-like at times but is easily bored and when she is she likes to…ROLL!!! hahaha The first time I saw it happen, I had to take a double take!! I was like –> O_O

The character designs are quite nicely drawn and they’re complimented by even prettier backdrops. Looks pretty interesting so far!!

So Sapphire Onee-chan first brought my attention to this TV series back in June and I have been following!! It’s been tough trying to fit a TV show into my busy life but this one is WORTH it!! It’s based off a crime thriller book series so that’s off to a great start. Best of all, if you crank up the yuri goggles, you can really spot some subtext going on!! ^_^ If you don’t have time to watch the whole show then at LEAST watch episode 6!!!!

Here’s the opening of the show:

The two main characters are Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. Rizzoli is a kick ass homicide detective and a bit rough on the edges but it’s all cool. ^_^ Isles is the complete opposite. She’s Boston’s medical examiner and is elegant and always well presented. As Jane says “looks like you’re always ready to do a catwalk”! ahahaha There’s a bit of a quirk to Isles character – she’s super intelligent – almost to the point where she cannot hold a normal conversation without the other person looking up a word she’s used in the dictionary!! hahaha

Rizzoli and Isles are like the perfect team and together they bring down the crime rate in Boston. They also tend to like holding conversations in the bed…hehehehe As I said, there’s DEFINITELY yuri subtext there!! Even the guys at AfterEllen agrees!!

If only they took things a BIIIIIIT further…

The theme songs in this season’s anime have really caught my attention so I thought I’d share it with you. Most of these are rip offs from the videos or previews freely available online. Enjoy!

Aoi Hana ~ 青い花 (OP) & センティフォリア (ED)

Also worth mentioning is that Erica has written a review on Aoi Hana over at AfterEllen! Go read it!! It’s a very sweet summary of the story. Like Katherine, I particularly  liked (was grinning as I was reading it) how Erica summed up the story as…

Sweet Blue Flowers is the story of a young woman who enters high school and comes to terms with her sexual orientation. A story that has been told a million times, but rarely with this sense of grace, beauty and strength.

To be honest, I think it sounds better than the manga itself. I’m hoping that the anime will amplify the flow of emotions between Fumi and Ah-chan. In the manga, I felt that it lacked a climax. Have to admit that the anime is looking VERY good so far. 

Canaan ~ Mind as Judgment (OP)

I think I’ve said enough in my last post of Canaan. All I can say is that I’m dying to watch episode 2!! Raws are out but not yet subbed…

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ 片翼の鳥 (OP)

I’ve watched episode 2 already (it’s been subbed). The anime is picking up pace and more than ONE person has already died! I’m a bit sad as one of the characters I liked has karked it. *disappointed* I will keep watching but won’t be blogging every episode. If you’re into mysteries, check this one out!

This is a mystery anime. It’s a first for me as I usually stick to the good old shoujo-ai/yuri or romantic comedies. *embarrassed* What’s wrong with that!? haha My reason for watching this is there’s Rie Kugimiya, Miko Ito, Ami Koshimizu AND Yui Horie!! How can I not watch?!

Ok so the opening is very strong with rich animation, rock/opera music and an interesting group of characters. Looks appealing so far…the story itself is nothing unique really. A bunch of people (pretty much all part of the one family, Ushiromiya) are stuck on an island and have a mystery to solve and a treasure to find. Oh and throw in a witch!? Before they know it, they die one by one. Not exactly original, but given the seiyuu cast and animation, I can handle that. Also, I trust that there will be a twist…

First off, Jessica reminds me if Eri from School Rumble! *thumbs up*. Oh and she has attitude too!!! Hehehe

Umineko Ep1a

Shanon is very cute and is probably the more interesting character to watch aside from Jessica. Miko Ito’s character is a bit disappointing…sounds like a 40 yr old Sachiko!! haha And so is Yui’s!!! OMG can someone grab some tape and seal that girl’s mouth! That awful whiney noise!?! Argh!!! I love watching Yui’s show generally but this one…ugh… =( Finally, Ami’s character isn’t all that wonderful either. Some lunatic mother it seems…*disappointed*

Umineko Ep1b

I think my eyes will be glued to Shannon and Jessica. :P I’ll keep following this one but I’m guessing I’ll drop half-way…too distracted by Aoi Hana. hehe


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