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This 8 part online series launched today! You can watch it on youtube and I’ve dropped it here to make it easy for you guys! I must say that I’m really confused. Was the four minutes or so the one “episode”? I felt like that was just an intro!! *minutes later* Yes, it turns out that is the intention. These web episodes are only 2 to 4 minutes long. They are hoping that if there is sufficient interest then they would be able to bring this to us as an actual TV broadcast where it will be much longer. We’ll see how it goes but I’m a bit concerned that 2-4 min will mean it won’t be satisfying enough? Must say that I have reservations on this show. The party scene is really not for me so if there’s a lot of focus on that then I might be tuning out. We’ll see.

I must admit that as of late, I feel like it’s the trend to throw in a gay character in anything these days to make it cooler. Like Kurt in Glee, Emily in Pretty Little Liars and Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Obviously I’m not quoting that many works but it’s just the feeling I’ve been getting. I guess it might be a passing trend?

Australia is starting it’s own reality L Word?! WOW!! Being a proud Aussie, of course I’ll need to watch this one! It’s going to be a web episode series and will be showing on starting on 2 March 2011!! That’s TOMORROW!! haha There is a more detailed intro article along with a trailer here. The show is about a real group of friends and their lives. They are all successful Australians ranging from late 20s to mid 40s (I think). I’m quite interested as I honestly have no idea what life is like back in Sydney. This should be fun to watch!!! Who’s checking this out!?!


Hello! Now let's cut to the chase! If you're here to squeal about yuri or update yourself on some Japanese dramas/movies and gossip - then this is the place to be!!! I personally prefer the squealing over yuri amongst other things!! HEHEHE (^_^)V

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