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I’m so SAD!!! The anime has ended!!! Daikichi and Rin are just so sweet together. I’m currently reading the manga and I am already up to the bit where Rin has grown up. It’s a bit weird to see her as an adult but I’m keen to finish it. Do we know whether there are any talks of a season 2?

This episode reminded me of when I was losing my baby teeth. My mum was the “tooth fairy”. hahahaha Years later when I was in primary school I found a bottle in the cupboard and there in there were all my baby teeth! I got a bit silly and kept shaking it around and it ended up cracking all the baby teeth in HALF!!! hahahaha Who else had a tooth fairy when they were young!?!?

I have not been blogging much on this anime not because I have lot interest but because I have been reading the manga. I feel like I’m watching the same thing twice as the anime stays quite true to the manga. There is no need for me convince you that this is a super heart warming and sweet anime. Surely, you’ve caught on by now!

What shocks me is that it looks like the anime will end with ELEVEN episodes!!! WHAT THE HECK!?! That means we have just ONE episode to go!?!?! Did I get my info wrong!?!? How is that possible?!?!

P.S. I feel like pinching Rin’s cheeks! Awwww!!!

*sigh* I so do not get enough of Usagi Drops just with a measly 20 minute episode!! Rin is starting school and when it’s time for Daikichi and her to take a picture, she initiates to take his hand. MAN, is it just me or is this little girl here SUPER mature!?! I thought it was cute how she found cereal so fascinating!!! It’s true though…it does seem more like a snack especially the sweet ones. The most touching part of all must have been when Daikichi brought up the idea of planting a tree to signify Rin’s beginning of schooling. I want a fragrant olive tree too!!!! Maybe I’ll go get a little pot plant for myself (since I live in an apartment). ^_^ This anime is just so heartwarming and tender sweet. I LOVE IT!!

P.S. My favourite cereal is Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut!! YUM!! What’s yours!?!

This is honestly quite a unique anime. Daikichi actually makes contact with Rin’s mother and rather than the expected refusal to meet, she happily agrees. There is a lack of emotion and pretty much indifference is all you sense in this mysterious lady. Turns out she is a mangaka and somehow she says she cannot have both a career and a child. Also, she has coerced herself into believing that Rin is not really her child. BIZARRE! Daikichi leaves with no answers except that she’s happy for Rin to continue staying with him. Her only request is to ask Rin to adopt his surname to avoid embarrassment at school.

Surprisingly, Daikichi struggles with this. To him it’s not just a change in name but also puts him into a “fatherly role”. He finally brings it up and it’s hilarious to see that Rin OUTRIGHT rejects the idea!!! hahahaha She doesn’t want him to become her father.

Daikichi will be Daikichi

This little girl impresses me. She shares such a special bond with Daikichi. It’s cute seeing them live together, brush their teeth together, Rin cooking dinner…I also loved the bit at the beginning when Rin is having a nightmare and she refuses Daikichi’s invitation to jump into his futon! hahahaha Poor Daikichi!!

I’m so looking forward to the next episode!! I can even check out the manga now. I just got my 3 volumes from RightStuf!!! WOOHOO!!!! ^^

AWWWWWW!! Look at them holding hands!!! I think the most significant development in this episode is that Daikichi realises how important he is to Rin. As that lady says, she sees him as family…someone she can trust and rely on. It’s interesting how Daikichi doesn’t quite present himself as a fatherly figure or more like I don’t quite see Daikichi as a father to Rin. More like just a guardian.

Last but not least is what happens in the end…Daikichi calls up Rin’s mother!?!?! WT!?!?! I found this move to be quite surprising. I mean, it’s still very early days in the story!!!?!

I am so glad I had YOU guys (you know who you are) for urging me to watch this anime! I love it! I have already purchased both the single and OST!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Daikichi has a heart of gold!!! It’s almost hard to believe that he can be so patient and go so far for Rin-chan. We see some interesting development about the mysterious mother of Rin. Daikichi takes Rin back home to try and find clues about her mother. It turns out that the mother was a helper to his grandfather and the even more odd thing was that Rin does not seem to identify that woman as her mother (we know she is as the name Masuko was on the health booklet). I’m dying to know the rest of the story!!! Thank you to Karloring! She helped me locate the Chinese scanlations!!! I can’t wait to read them!!!


After episode 2, my uncertainties from episode 1 definitely disappeared. This show is unique (at least for me), warm and fuzzy and just leaves you with joy – how can you not watch it!?! This episode opens up the start of Daikichi’s life with Rin. It’s definitely no easy task for a 30 year old single guy to suddenly embrace the responsibilities of taking care a 6 year old girl. The bond between the two of them is very cute to watch. Patient Daikichi does his best and he amazes me! Despite what he appears to be, he is actually quite sensitive of Rin’s feelings. I’m dying to know what happens next!!

Right now, I’m trying to hunt down the Chinese scanlated manga to read on my iPad. Don’t worry!! I’m also supporting the mangaka!!! I just ordered Usagi Drop (aka Bunny Drop) from RightStuf!! All three volumes!!! ^_^ I also got the CD of the ending theme song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day!!! Watch this anime if you haven’t already!!!!

Btw, although I’ve bought the English manga, I want to get hold of the Chinese scanlated ones so that I can put it on my iPad. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE but I can’t find it!!! Any ideas people??? :(


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