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All I’m going to say is START READING! Thanks to Lillilicious’ fab team of scanlators for providing us with Chapter 36!

Remember you can also read it online over at the one and only yurilicious Dynasty Scans.

Fumi-chan sure works fast once you give her the greenlight! hehehe….

Note: The author of this post is Sapphire Onee-chan from Asutoraea no Oka but it had to be put under my name in order for it to appear in Yasashii sekai…’s Twitter feed!!!

*Let’s out a wave of excitement*~~~~~ Season 1 of Strike Witches was nothing spectacular but there are several things going for this anime that make it worth watching that yuri-fans and others crave:

  • YURI! – What helps to make the yuri stand out in this show is the pairings are pretty much set!
  • Moe – Despite how loli these characters appear, they are quite kawaii like K-ON! I put off watching this show for some time because I’m not of fan of loli characters. However, the adult-like war roles they play cloaks this for me.
  • Fanservice – Panty shots galore! (again not a fan but this tickles the fancy of many). Ecchi fans welcome.
  • Cheerful Episodes – We are told by the staff that there will more cheerful episodes to come. I’m expecting something similar to Sora no Woto.
  • Neko fans – These ladies morph into your cute furry feline friend when they’re in kick-ass mode. (Note: Not all of them morph into cats. At least one of them has dog ears)
  • Action – These magical moe anthropomorphic yuri ladies take on ginormous mecha enemies in decent battle scenes enough to not make you want to die of boredom.

AWWWW! I can feel the love already from this image above! ^_^

I’m pretty hyped to watch all the yuri-goodness this show has to offer! Hopefully it’s not too much of my yuri-ful thinking at work. This one should be interesting! Give Season 1 a shot if you haven’t already!

What do you think? Will this Season bomb or be just as good if not better than Season 1?

Strike Witches Season 2 Opening:

Strike Witches Season 2 Ending:

~spoilers ahead~

Thanks to Tsundere Translations for providing us yuri fans with four chapters of the Candy Boy Manga! It’s been out since December ’09! I didn’t know what to expect, but it does maintain that very sweet atmosphere from the anime and goes into a little more detail about Yukino and Kanade’s lives.

The Manga definitely contains sprinkles of fresh aww moments dashed here and there between the twins in addition to some funny parts! The bit where Saku-chan is tied up and hanging from the ceiling so the sisters can have a peaceful walk alone, cracked me UP! Hahaha! That reminded me of the last episode of the anime where Saku-chan is wrapped in the blanket and falls asleep. Also, a new character is introduced! Yurippe plays a cool and tough yet caring and supportive classmate/best friend to Kana-chan.

Although nothing overly exciting really happens in the manga, it is still worth checking out..


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