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First posted on Yasashii sekai… on 7 January 2009

I’m Tessa, I enjoy manga and anime (of course), but I also like reading normal text books, especially kids’ books, though I tend to read all sorts of things.  I enjoy some TV (mostly science shows in the background), movies (comedies and dramas mostly), and musicals (I’m a huge Wicked fan).  I do want to be a published writer someday, but that would require that I finish something to my satisfaction.  I wish I could draw, sing, or play a musical instrument, but I lack any artistic or musical ability.  I’m very bitter about that, by the way, so resent all those who can.

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First posted on Yasashii sekai… on 2 March 2009

I’m Thingle. My anime tastes vary, but I like dystopian cyberpunk, sci-fi and detective stories the most. I am an active blogger and I make signatures and web banners from time to time.  In real life, I enjoy reading books, surfing the interwebs, MMA and lifting weights. I am a Philosophy student during the day but at night I turn into a zombie whose lifeblood is broadband internet. Please drop by my main site at if you can… and yea, I like lesbians. A lot.

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