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Ok – take 2 guys! The wonderful guys at Doremi Fansubs have already released an English subbed episode 1! Check it out if you haven’t already! They have even taken the effort to sub the opening theme song into both Romanji and English. Another yay!

Now that we have English subs, I picked up a few cute moments that I had missed earlier!

s4-ep1-magicAlthough in season 3 we are constantly reminded by how well Yumi can handle Sachiko, the reverse can also be said! This moment when Sachiko says Yumi will agree to reversing the roles, I couldn’t help but crack up with the ‘magical charm’ special sound effects!! LOL Yumi is sometimes under the thumb too!! CUTE!

s4-ep1-anniversaryThen there was also Yumi fretting over how she should celebrate her 1st petit soeur anniversary with Sachiko! “She’s hard to be close with” – I couldn’t help but grin here! It’s like a headache some couple would be having! ^____^

Finally, let me correct myself from the preview post about what Yumi says that shocks Touko. Yumi had said, “Let’s go to the Drama Club. I’ll go with you.” *EVEN A BIGGER GRIN* I absolutely LOVE the interaction between Touko and Yumi in those few minutes!!

I don’t know what I was thinking but when I was watching the raw, I did not realise that Yumi was trying to follow Touko back to the Drama Club! haha Now it all makes sense!! SO KAWAII!!


Then Yumi’s scream from across the grass was ANOTHER classic! By this time, I had my pillow in front of me in an attempt to hide my crazy squeals of excitement!! LOL


I’m now also completely into the closing theme song!! Please enjoy my preview rip here!

Thanks to the hard work of Doremi, I now understand the lyrics and they are so fitting to the sequence!! It’s also very suggestive of the relationship between Touko and Yumi. I love it! Kudos again to Oyuki Konno for her lyrics!

The streets are colored with the lonely winter scenery

I think about your back moving further and further away

Right now, our crystal of life getting misty

The space between the two of us is a transparent square

The window glass, the window glass

Has become cloudy and I cannot see you anymore

But I know you are still there

Are you laughing or are you crying?

Even if you are frowning, I still want to see your face

I want you to wipe this glass clean with me.

I can’t help but post this pic. It was a complete JAW DROP moment for me when I saw it! Yuri in the Gigantea family has always been so subtle (well aside from Sei’s little side story)!! This was definitely a gift to us yuri fans!! Amazing art!

Now I can’t wait for episode 2! How will Sachiko and Yumi celebrate their anniversary together?!?! Oooh! I’m hoping for more moments of squealing!!! LOL

The website has confirmed that Utada Hikaru’s Eternally will be the theme song of the upcoming drama Innocent Love! However, they are revamping it calling it the Drama Mix! As it has been 7 years since it was recorded, it is expected that the new Mix will give a complete fresh feeling. 

They decided that Utada’s voice was the perfect choice to express Maki’s role of facing the hardships of reality. The theme, lyrics and tune of the song was said to an ideal fit to the character of the drama. 

The last time Utada’s music was used as a theme song in a September drama was Hero’s Can You Keep a Secret? in 2001. At the moment, there are no plans to release a single of the new Drama Mix.

What? No single?! Ok, so I haven’t heard this new mix yet but still!?! Surely they’ll have to let us get our hands on it in SOME way? I heard that they’ll make it available for download…we’ll see…

Lyrics posted by Nomanymore (check out her blog – HEAPS of stuff!!):

You sparkle a little in front of my eyes 
I can’t see around me 
Where are we? 

Don’t disappear 
Into the background that’s started to get noisy 
I can’t hear anything anymore 
But I can feel you breathe 

This isn’t really like me, but I’m expecting, oh oh 
A surprisingly whimsical development 

I wanna be here eternally 
I want us to keep gazing at each other like this 
I can feel you close to me 
I can’t stay by your side forever 
I just want this moment to last forever 

Before I go out to fight 
I want to take a break with you 
Promises are for the next time we see each other 
Can you hear me breathe? 

There are times, oh oh 
When anyone would be excited by an unsurprising development 

I wanna be here eternally 
Somewhere where nobody can find us 
I can see you’re all I need 
I don’t need any help until tomorrow 
Surely even this moment is just a fantasy 

I can feel you close to me 
Even if I can’t go back to that place 
Just this feeling will last forever 

I wanna be here eternally 
I can see you’re all I need 
Only this moment will last forever

Now that I know the lyrics…the song is even better! But Utada does sound like she’s stretching her range a little at some parts!

SHiN-gx Fansubs has released the subbed music video of Koi no Katachi 恋のカタチ by KΛNΛ!! The video is nothing new – just a combo of old episodes but it’s still nice given we have nothing else to watch for the timebeing!! Below are the lyrics as extracted from the subbing! Thanks SHiN-gx!

I can’t speak out words

It’s a mysterious feeling, right?

You too have noticed this usual life

If you let go even for a second

I will photograph yesterday’s smile while desperately in pain

We share the same thoughts so stop being doubtful

Let us line up and decorate that honest feeling

This isn’t some imagination, this is the SHAPE of love

Let our shadows cross over while walking, happily believing

It won’t disappear because it was visualized*

Even with just a word, I can feel the kindness

My feelings over, even within my eyes

I receive the nod to have a dream of one’s own

My feelings I can’t hold started to flow

What happened? To the one standing beside you

I was pushed in the back and was surmounted

Because I wasn’t the only one

I’m sure it was the SHAPE of love

Chase the wavering light

Within me I will hold the remaining memories close to my heart

Let us carve away and go

The light that was just born

Let us illuminate the far away bridge

Watch the dream more happily

Let us feel it and go

This isn’t some imagination, this is a wonderful SHAPE of love

Let our shadows cross over while walking, happily believing

It won’t disappear because it was visualized

Before I start typing away, let me explain that I don’t really plan to review every episode of Candy☆Boy – mainly because each episode is only 8 minutes long so by the time I explain it, all story will be revealed! BUT, I am going to write something should something catch my eye. hehehe Like what I am about to write…

In this episode, there was a particular sequence that I liked and was perfectly matched with the lyrics of the music! I did not notice this until I was taking screen shots of the scene I liked. The lyrics of the song is actually capturing Kanade’s inner struggle. Accompanying screen shots below.

恋のカタチ ~ Koi no Katachi

I can’t seem to express my feelings

Even you noticed within our daily life

Even if you were to leave my side the slightest bit

Yesterday’s smile would become awfully sad

That doubt you’re always feeling, please just stop

I only want to see you filled with your honest feelings

Don’t ever have any doubts

This one love will take its shape

Just believe and happiness will grow

Even if this picture of us walking together should fade

It will never disappear

I honestly thought this part was quite sweet and cute! It touched me for a while! *sigh*

Just a silly moment...haha

Just a silly moment...haha

Oh and just to demonstrate the silliness of this anime, here’s a pretty hilarious scene…HAHAHAHA

Edit: Btw, the translated lyrics are thanks to the hard work of Froth-Bite!

I’m really growing to love Sola. It’s not one of those animes where I’m rolling around in laughter or where my thigh has turned red where I’ve slapped myself too many times…but it has this certain quality that pulls you in. Like I said, it has a slow start but the tension builds up near the 2nd half. I think it’s the character of Matsuri that captivates me – there’s this sadness coming from within her – which is then intensified by her cheerful carefree personality. Mamiko Noto’s voice also fits the character perfectly – so soft spoken and gentle! I’m loving the opening and end theme songs too (the end theme more though)! Lyrics below…All the hard work is done by LunarAnime! I took the lyrics from the subbed episodes they did. Thank you again!


Mellow Melody ~ Ending theme

Close your eyes and

Fading pages of memories will be revived

This is a prayer of an innocent girl

To fly up towards the skies of hope

The moment you sigh, time flies by right away

While you stand idle by yourself

Sing to yourself the melody that protects dreams

When people have fallen asleep

The wish that we may meet again

Will this yarn of love be spun?

This fairy tale that invites gentleness

You were the one that taught me about it

Let us return, quietly

To our memories of those times


Colourless Wind ~ Opening theme

White and shiny feathers

Dazzling and flying into the sky

Though I just want to let my heart ride on it

Extending my frigid hands

Though I know I can’t reach it

I want to touch you now though

The nostalgic wind that breezed by our boat

The mirage brought back my memories

I can’t forget it…

The voice of someone is vibrating painfully

Disturbing the commencing presentiment

I want to forget it…

I don’t understand my own wish

As I sway, I wait for this one dream


Ok – so the lyrics are not exactly Shakespeare but they fit well with the anime! I like it! I think my final review on Sola will be up next…


The first time they meet...

The first time they meet...

Today, as I was traveling on the train, listening to the Sola soundtrack, I realised that my previous post made almost no mention of the music!! Let me try again and now that I’m up to episode 11, I have a much better view/feel of this anime…

First of all, I forgot to mention that the opening of the anime starts of with a very serene and angelic song. It is only used for episode 1 and does not appear again until episode 9 (I think). It is well suited for the anime as it parallels well with the focus on the sky and clouds. Very peaceful and calm.

The opening and the song itself actually reminds me of the Japanese drama, Song to the Sun. Maybe it’s because the characters in both works meet each other at night…and because of that, there is a gentle streak of sadness in this anime. Let me expand. 

Matsuri is not human – she is known as a ‘yaka’ – a being that it able to heal itself, therefore never dies and never ages. Technically it can die but it will have to be something very lethal. Her age is probably in the hundreds. Yakas have special powers too. In Matsuri’s case, she has the ability to decay an object. However, they also have a weakness – they cannot step into the sun or will otherwise burn. They live in darkness (that’s why this reminds me a little of Song to the Sun). As she never dies, she has developed a ‘don’t care less’, flippant kind of character. It’s the way she’s grown to survive, otherwise “it will be too painful for her”. Basically, yakas live a lonely life.

I think given this overlay of ‘sadness’, I’ve gradually grown to fall for Sola…very gently, quietly and almost unknowingly. It was only until I was listening to one of the tracks on the train that I felt like I was back in the world of Sola. Scenes of Matsuri and Yorito came up as I listened to the song. The best part of the song is when the strings step in, in the latter half…the swelling of emotions! Love it! I liked the song so much that once I got home, I logged on to find the lyrics.

Below is a combination of some English lyrics I found online and two sets of Chinese lyrics. I tend to think that Chinese translations are usually a little bit more accurate due to the nature of the two languages. I’ve tried my best to put together what makes sense. If something is wrong, please tell me! You can listen to it here.

敏感な風景 Sensitive scenery

These soft waves gradually take me away

Quietly, quietly…

Even if I disappear now, it doesn’t matter

My remaining feelings, where should they go?

Ah…they lose their colours

The wakening of dawn

Shines down its rays of light

Gently, gently

It falls upon my heart

If possible

If those same feelings, could carry on

No-one would know…

Until the sun rises

Quietly, quietly

I can feel a  premonition

My heart, can feel a premonition


I can’t quite work out the final words of the lyrics. I’ve read the Chinese and English versions a number of times but neither makes a great deal of sense. I think it is basically implying that there is hope in the future that they will be together again…(haha maybe that’s what I’m just hoping it means!!) If someone can help me out then that will be great!!

I am so annoyed at myself!! CRAP!! I couldn’t resist and googled for comments on Episode 1 of Last Friends which aired on 10 April!!! ARGH!!! I read a spoiler!!! One that I really shouldn’t have READ!!! I’m almost kicking myself now. GRRRRRR!! But it is so hard to resist!! hahaha To avoid spoiling the story for people, I will keep the details quiet but it all sounds pretty interesting!! haha Now we have to wait another WHOLE WEEK for the next episode?!! I don’t get how that works in Japan. I think ratings in general will improve if they would just show more episodes in 1 week….

Anyway, there is a new video clip – nice! Enjoy!! It gives a bit more insight as to the roles each character plays….Ending sequence

Btw, I’m really starting to like Nagasawa Masami! I just finished the SP for Proposal Daisakusen and she looks so pretty!! hahaha

Ok, I’m also posting English lyrics for Prisoner of Love translated by Arisa – Enjoy!!

With an indifference face you tell a lie
Laughing until you feel sick
“Let’s having nothing but fun” you said

Feeling blue over desiring the impossible 
Everyone is seeking tranquility
You’re struggling, but you’ve had enough
Now you’re chasing after a shadow of love

Since the day you appeared
My dull “everydays” have begun to shine
Now I’m able to think, “feeling loneliness, being in pain – that’s not so bad”
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Through painful times and healthy times
Stormy days and sunny days, let’s walk on together

I’m gonna tell you the truth
I chose an unforeseeably painful path
And you came to support me
You’re the only one I can call a friend

Fake displays of strength and avarice have become meaningless
I’ve been in love with you since that day
When I’m free, with time to spare, there’s no life in being alone
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh…Just a little more
Don’t you give up
Oh don’t you ever abandon me
If the cruelty of reality tries to tear us apart
We’ll be drawn more closely to one another
Somehow, somehow, I have a feeling we’ll be able to stand firm
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Every day banalities quickly begin to shine brilliantly
You stole my heart that day
Loneliness and pain, I thought I could deal with
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Don’t leave me alone again

Great lyrics! I can’t wait to watch the drama!!!!!!!


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