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LOL Check this OUT!!!! Luckily we have seiyuu like Shizuka around!!! hahahaah She’s kinda crazy!!!!

Is it NABA-CHAN!?!?! O_O

Oh and the heading of the post is “Ko-ma-n-do?” HEHEHEHEHE

I mean a PHYSICAL punch kick kind of girl!! hahaha Inami-san has the urge of physically abusing men whenever she’s near one!! I’m afraid Takanashi and Inami are at loggerheads!!! hahahaha This is kind of a funny pair. It gets even more interesting later…she no longer hits him because she’s scared of men but to hide her embarrassment!!! hahaha One of the rare bits where I really cracked up was when blackmail Souma said he noticed Inami changing her hairclip daily now after Takanashi complimented that it was cute once!!! hahahah Did HE get one hell of a bashing!! That was in episode 4.

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Aren’t they cute?! I stole the picture from Shizuka’s blog. hehe I must say that I like Shizuka’s kimono (or maybe it’s a yukata) the most!! There’s even Etopen there!!! hahahaha



Why is it, that I’m not a bit surprised that Shizuka has one of these?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

ItoSome random picture from Shizuka Ito’s blog!! Nothing exciting really – I just thought it’s been a while we’ve heard from her!!! haha Kind of miss her fooling around habits!!! hahahahaha

Oh well in this case, there’s apparently a party – something about someone moving? There’s Hitomi Nabatame, 2nd from the right. Not sure who the other two are…

saki-mainBefore I start my rant, let me justify that my take on this anime is REASONABLY objective as I have not read the manga. However, I do note that I’m a big fan of Marimite which may sway my view slightly given the seiyuu involved.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this anime was a VERY pleasant surprise!! Not only is it a little adrenalin rushing (when did mahjong become such an interesting ‘sport’???) but there seems to some sprinkling of yuri!!! AHAHA I was again trying to procrastinate from doing some real work when I casually remembered this new anime series. Why not…let me youtube…that’s where it all went downhill! haha I almost woke up late the next day!! hahaha

My first reaction 1 minute into the anime:

  • Art looked ok
  • Oooooh…!!! YURI!!! “What a beautiful girl…” (what a giveaway!?! It was like, “let’s at least lock in the yuri die hard fans”….YEP ME!!!! hahaha)
  • Ok, those ‘assets’ look a tad too much…(Tsk! So typical of the Japanese!?!) I honestly thought it was meant to be a joke and we’d find out that she’s just stuffed something up there!?! But I’m wrong! Clearly…
  • It’s YUMI in a new uniform!! hahaha I particularly picked up on this when Saki is caught looking at Nodoka and hides behind her book!! ^_^ Like Yumi x Sachiko!!! =) I like!!!! I don’t care whether it’s just admiration (or maybe a little bit more??? *hopeful*) but I’m definitely watching this with yuri goggles on!! ^_____^

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Oooh!! Just realized that episode 1 of Saki has been subbed!! It’s available on YouTube. I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes but I’m liking it!!! With a cast involving Kana Ueda, Ami Koshimizu, Rie Kugumiya and Shizuka Ito, I feel like it’s almost a Marimite reunion!!! We just need Mamiko Noto or Kaori Shimizu!! Oh and Sachiko & Yoshino!! Haha *sigh* forgive me. I’m still suffering from my Marimite s4 withdrawal symptoms!!

Anyway check out Saki!! I’ll try to write up a full post later on episode 1. Oh and more importantly, what’s the go with Saki blushing when she sees Nodoka?!? Is it just me with hyper sensitive yuri goggles or are others sensing something too???? I’m not a follower of the manga so have NO idea what’s ahead!!?!?


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