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I’m recently into josei yuri manga. Hmm…well not really – I think it was just Katherine’s post that has led me onto a josei yuri marathon!!! hahaha Oh btw, about Love Slave, AAAAAAAAAAH!!! X_X What the heck did I just read!?!? That is MY reaction!!! The art is not my style (they look like they’re deranged -_-) but tolerable, however, ultimately I could not stomach the craziness of some parts of the story. If you do consider reading it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, read Lililicious’ warning message!! And look up the definition if you’re unsure what the word means (which is what I did) and yes you did not read wrong. I personally will not recommend reading this. I definitely agree with Katherine that the ending was refreshing and I really enjoyed seeing the growth in the protagonist but the manga was overall a X_X experience. MOVING ON!!!

The whole point of this post is Indigo Blue. lilygwen in the Moonlight Flower’s post mentioned that I might like this one so off I went to try it out!!

I’m starting to get the hang of the style of art in josei yuri, which tends to be more real in its depiction. Ebine Yamaji’s style is simple, elegant (reminds me of Aoi Hana but in josei “style”) and best of all, I was quite wow-ed by the drawing of the intimate scenes. Quite tasteful. *nod nod*

Story wise, the light haired girl, Rutsu, is a writer and is currently going out with her editor, which is a handsome guy, but feels deep inside that she can only love a woman. Out appears the dark haired woman who tests these uncertainties within her. After reading Moonlight Flower and Love Slave, reading this was like a breath of fresh air!! No longer do we have man hating rants and men of questionable character, Ryuuji here is a genuine nice guy who just wants to be with Retsu. On the whole I like it but didn’t like Retsu as I felt she was dishonest and a user but I can “kind of” understand her dilemma. Nevertheless, her actions to me are wrong. This story doesn’t really bring out any new ideas but it is a “modern” piece of josei work and was a pleasant read. Even Okazu approves. ^_^

P.S. Btw, I do plan to check out other works by Ebine Yamaji.


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