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I just absolutely adore Hitomi’s character!!! (btw, adore is my “new cute” word this week…hehe) She’s one of my favourite seiyuu! Her voice is so sweet yet so distinctive at the same time! I can’t help but think of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic!!! ^_^

Yoku Ep2a

Hehehe There’s no hiding where my focus is!! A new character also enters the screen – Kaho-chan! She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki who was also Tsumugi from K-ON! The episode doesn’t tell us much about her, except that she’s a classmate of Koyomi (blue hair girl). Not much actually happens in this episode except that Misa agrees to teach Koyomi magic!!

I think I will continue watching this one. As long as it doesn’t go all crap, I’ll watch it just for Hitomi!!

Ok – first up, I’m definitely going to watch episode 2. It’s not jaw dropping stuff but I absolutely went NUTS when Hitomi’s character, Misa, appeared!! hehe The character and her voice was just a perfect match!! If you’re a fan, you have to watch this! I’ll explain in detail later.

First off, to give you a bit of an idea, this is a magical girls story. Yumiko, silver hair, recently discovered that she is a descendant of a great magician, Christobald. Her hair and purple eyes marks her as a magician. She ends up attending a magical school where she becomes the student of a 25 year old powerful magician, Misa! Very conveniently, Misa has a younger sister (blue hair) who is also a magician and is super friendly to Yumiko. This is where I hope some yuri may appear but not sure yet.

Below is the opening trailer of the anime.

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hashihime has done ANOTHER amazing summary of what’s to come this season!! Well first of all – the below are on the top of MY “to-watch” list!!! ^_______^ Oh and just to give you a heads up, if it’s got ANY signs of yuri or has one of my favourite seiyuus, I’m basically there!!! hahaha

Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana Ch20d

Do I need to say MORE?!?! HEHEHEHE But there are THREE surprises!!! At least for me!! Are you ready??

  • One of the supporting seiyuus will be Mamiko Noto!!!! YAY!!!!
  • One of them will be Aki Toyosaki!! Who’s that?! It’s YUI from K-ON!!! She will be voicing Miwa Mogi…hmm…who’s that!? OMG! Just realised!! “Yui” & “Mugi” (Minako Kotobuki) are BOTH in a lot of the new anime!!! ^____^ More later!!
  • The music will also be done handled by Haketa Takefumi who was in charge of Vampire Knight’s OST!!! Now THAT’s something to look forward too!!

Can’t WAIT!!!! It’s here on 1 July!!

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