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It is claimed that there are more results out! The new source also seems to confirm our prior findings.

More results:

  • Best Theme Song: Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru (YAY!!)
  • Best Directors: 加藤裕将、西坂瑞城、远藤光贵 (Last Friends!!)
  • Best Script: Taeko Asano (Last Friends)

So, looks like our Last Friends did a huge sweep across all the titles! The only one I’m disagreeing with is best supporting actor! Argh! I think he’s acting did improve near the end but still! I felt he was like a walking cardboard half the time!! Aaaaah!!! ANNOYED!! Honestly, him getting best supporting actor, did his performance even come anywhere near Juri’s!?! I don’t think so!!

Oh well, I guess it’s all a happy ending!! Now all I have to do is confirm the above is ALL TRUE!! LOL


DISCLAIMER: I found various websites listing the below results. Apparently, the actual rankings of the results will not be out until tomorrow! The official website has yet to announce this so I’m not 100% sure but the results look fairly sensible. I will continue to try and find official evidence supporting the below…In the meantime…


The results are said to be:

Best Drama: Last Friends

Best Actress: Yukie Nakama

Best Supporting Actress: Juri Ueno from Last Friends

Best Actor: Takuya Kimura from Change

Best Supporting Actor: Ryo Nishikido (what the…???? Where’s my EITA??? You gotta be kidding me…now I’m hoping this one in particular is wrong…)


(if the above is true…)

To top it all off, all we need is best sound track and best theme song!!! PRISONER OF LOVE!!! I’m going to frantically search the internet in the meantime…

The weekly magazine containing the results is meant to be out tomorrow but I’m not sure whether I will be able to get my hands on a copy immediately as I’m not based in Japan… will try…

Edit: My sources so far:

Anyone out there watched the 2007 jdrama Galileo!? Well the movie is out!! Well soon….! It will be screening in Japan on 4 October 2008. *SIGH* It’s still quite a while away and will be ages until a DVD or subs will be released!!! Aaaaah!! 

The movie will be a new case and will be a intellectual battle between the main protagonist, Yukawa, our genius physicist and a genius mathematician. Oh dear! I think Utsumi will be quite lost here!! hahaha Oh and there’s also Shinichi Tsutsumi who I think plays the mathematician.

I was annoyed at the finale of the drama where we didn’t get to see Yukawa respond to Utsumi’s feelings!!! It’s like…WHAT?? They’re going to leave us hanging like this?!?! I was kind of annoyed. Anyway, I hope they address this in the movie and we get a satisfying ending like at least one BIG HUG!!! AHAHAHAHA Hey! I’m not that greedy!

Here’s the trailer!


For those not familiar to the name, this movie is a follow-up to the jdrama that finished in December 2007. 

The drama is mystery based where Kou is a rookie investigator, Kaoru Utsumi, who seeks the help of a genius physicist university professor, Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu). The formula is simple – every episode is one new case and each time Utsumi will show strange occurences to Yukawa claiming that it’s not possible or can only be explained by supernatural theories. Yukawa, who is a scientist believes all things can be explained by science so when presented to a difficult problem, he typically says “Omoshiroi” (means “interesting”) and dives into the investigation. It sounds kind of repetitive but it works cos Kou is pretty to watch and Masaharu is intelligent and definitely worth checking out!! He carries this air of confidence that should probably annoy you objectively speaking but you just ask for more!! ahaha I feel like Utsumi now! Love his professor/intelligent/slightly-nerdy-but-for some-strange-reason-still-dig-it look!! haha I mean, who wears waistcoats these days!?!?! LOL

Ratings and awards

To further convince you this drama is worth watching, it averaged 22% viewership over its 10 episodes! It also scored at the Japanese Academy Awards:

  • Best drama
  • Best actor – Masaharu Fukuyama
  • Best supporting actress – Kou Shibasaki
  • Best script
  • Best director
  • Best theme song – sung by both Masaharu and Kou!!
Honestly, what more do you need?!?!

Still no further news of when the results will be released but I found a Japanese website that is currently accepting bets on which drama will take the Best Drama award!! Here it is. Looking at the rates, it seems like people are thinking Last Friends might take the prize away!!! Let’s hope that will be the case!! PLEEEASE!!!

There was an updated posted on the official website which seems to say that the voting has closed and results will be published in the weekly magazine on 20 August and in the monthly magazine on 23 August! So far, still no news of when it will be broadcasted on TV but I guess it’ll be before 20 August!! Will continue to keep a look out!!

Sorry! This is all I’ve got so far!! Gomen ne!

Well, the 57th Drama Academy Awards is JUST around the corner!! Apparently the voting will end on 22 July so I’m expecting the actual awards to be presented in the month of July. Sorry but I could not find the exact date!!

BUT! I did find out something!

BIG QUESTION: Who is going to run for best actress?

ANSWER: Masami Nagasawa

PROOF: Here –> THE nomination list

Oh well…I guess it was expected but I’m rooting for Juri and Eita to get the best actress/actor awards!!

Actually – this is my wish list:

Best supporting actress – Juri Ueno

Best supporting actor – Eita

Best actress – Masami Nagasawa 

Song drama award – Prisoner of Love!!

I actually don’t think Masami was that amazing but I’m all for LF!! hahaha Ideally, Last Friends should do a full sweep of all the awards but the above are the ones I’m most concerned about!

Anyway, GO LAST FRIENDS!! If only there was a way we could vote! I’ll keep you guys posted if I find out anything more!!

Love this damn show...^_^


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