When I thought of building a blog, I asked myself, what ambience or mood do I want to create? Basically, I want to create a sense of escapism. That is, put aside the realities we live in and simply indulge yourself in what you enjoy! Who cares if people think you’re silly? I honestly don’t give a rat’s arse…

The initial reason behind the blog was simply to give myself some small personal space to ramble on about my crazy interests in movies, dramas, music etc – mainly Japanese. I’ll tell you why later! ^_^ It saves me from driving my friends insane. Although “they” (mainly a selective two), always listen to me – I’m sure they need a break once in a while! haha

Before I get off track – the meaning to the name of this blog – Yasashii sekai… – if I’m not mistaken – it literally means – a gentle/affectionate world. Like I mentioned above, just a small quiet space to hold all my crazy thoughts! haha Hmm…doesn’t quite sound right now…oh well…too late! I’ve already registered! *shrug*

Anyway, feel free to leave your comments! You can also offer suggestions as to what you want to see or how this blog can be improved. I’m very new to all of this so as long as you’re polite, all views will be taken!!

I hope this blog at some point will bring a smile to your face! Yep – there are crazy people out there! ME being one of them!! haha