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They are back!! And have been for a while!! hahaha I have not had the time to watch it when it was first out but finally knocked off 6 episodes while I was traveling in June! This is pretty much as good as the old one. The only disappointment is that Erika Toda is not really in the main cast!!! BOOOOO!! She pretty much just does a guest appearance. We also lose the flirtatious lab lady!!! BOOO AGAIN!!! I liked her too! She was so much fun!! In return, both of these characters are replaced by two new characters:

  • Sachiko (the girl in the bottom centre with the fringe/bangs) – she’s the new lab queen but she’s a bit of an oddball, has to eat all the time and she tends to say random things nonchalantly which turns out to be REALY important. Her character is so so…
  • Rika (2nd girl from the right) – I think she committed some crime but was given community hours and she’s spending it here with the team in front of the computer. She’s another nerdy tech whiz. She has a pretty face to look at. ^_^ I don’t mind her.
If you liked the first BOSS then there is NO REASON why you will not like this one too!!! I missed them so much when I started watching episode 1!!!

It has been confirmed that BOSS is back for season 2!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I’m definitely watching this in April!!

This one hell of a quirky enjoyable drama!! Comedy, detective, suspense and a team of colourful characters makes this jdrama well worth watching!!! hahahahaha

Here’s the teaser trailer (I can’t help but say that the girl in white is PWOAH!!! hahahaha):

So in the opening they look pretty damn cool, serious with a detective’s twinkle in the eyes but what about reality?!?

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Woah! Now how did I miss this one?? As I was dropping a quick word of thanks to TimeLesSub’s fantastic release of Boss’ episode 1, what do I see out of the corner of my eye?? Mr. Brain’s episode 1 has ALSO BEEN SUBBED!?! All thanks goes to GiriGiri Fansubs! My my…I’m sure going to be VERY busy!!! HEHEHEHEHE Haven’t watched a good jdrama in a while. I still need to finish Triangle, which I will very shortly (bit a disappointment with a draggy ending so far). Anyway, just to let you guys know. It’s actually been out for 3 days already but I watch out for hard subs only. I actually might wait for TimeLesSub’s hardsub version…hmm…

Boss - torrent

Episode 1 subbed!! YAY!!!! TimeLesSub are good too – from my vague memory!! This is a great surprise!!! It’s available over at D-Addicts. PERFECT for me to relax over after my exam. *BEAM*

A few friendly visitors recently left me some messages on Meebo – just want to answer their questions. I can’t through Meebo cos they’re not a permanent buddy on my list!!

Have I heard of Hatsu Koi Shimai?

Yep – I have. Tessa actually recommended it a little while ago. But I haven’t checked it out yet!!! I do plan to though!!

Have I seen subs for BOSS or Mr. Brain?

Although subbing groups have already announced their intentions to sub these dramas, no release has actually been made yet. Best place to hunt for any subbing is D-Addicts. If I spot any release, I’ll post something up!! I’m keen to watch these two myself! I’m surprised the subbing has been slow on these as both sound pretty interesting with a stellar cast.

Well that’s all for now!!


With such a cast, how can you not watch it???

There’s a NEW late addition to the jdrama world this season!! I had heard rumours of it before but clearly it’s now confirmed!! It’s Mr. Brain! Yep – a lame name indeed but given the cast, I can forgive them! =) With Takuya Kimura and Haruka Ayase on the screen!!?! I’m SO THERE!! hahaha

Story doesn’t actually sound that exciting – Takuya basically plays a very smart neuroscientist (i.e. studies the nervous system) and will end up solving mysteries etc. I’m betting that Haruka plays the love interest. hehe Oh well – it doesn’t sound like anything new but given it’s the Japanese, they’ll make a neuroscientist look like the most fascinating and inspiring job ever with the uplifting music pumping in the background! haha


As for the other dramas? So far it looks like BOSS is leading the pack! I’m only covering the ones I looked at before. Average ratings so far:

Looks like I was right to select BOSS as the ‘must see’ one!! haha When when when will episode 1 be subbed?!?! Must be patient…


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