Just a quick reminder before I dive into this post, the key reason why I’m watching this anime is because it has some of my favourite seiyuu!!

  • Mai Nakahara ~ she played Nagisa in Strawberry Panic!! She plays Zakuro here – the main character (long hair with bows)
  • Aki Toyosaki ~ it’s Yui from K-ON! and here she is Bonbori
  • Yui Horie only has a small role here as Hozuki. Yui and Aki actually play the blonde twins so they’re easy to spot. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t get bigger parts :(

The beginning of the anime had this eerie feel to it which I guess is perfect for a story around youkai but it made me feel a bit hesitant. Yes…I’m a bit of a pansy. -_-” The chanting voices in the background also added an overlay of mythical vibe.

The anime is a story set in a time where you have humans living in a world where spirits exist. Half spirits, such as the girls in question here, look like your average girls but they have cat-like ears on their heads and they possess powers that can kill spirits that have gone astray. Together with three selected from the military, they pair up to take on the challenge of maintaining peace in the community.

Zakuro heads the half-spirits and is the one who does the actual slaying. Each time she brings out her powers, she is supported by the chanting of the blonde twins and Susukihotaru. I’m kind of liking this sequence now. The chant no longer seems scary! In fact it’s kind of cool as they’ll have sakura petals adrift in the background. Pretty cool actually. ^_^

Then on the soldiers’ side, there’s three of them but one in particular stands out so far – Agemaki. He’s the blonde guy and appears all prince like but turns out that it’s all a facade!! He’s actually super scared of spirits and panics all the time. He has a good heart but Zakuro ends up saving his butt!! haha Zakura at first was swept away by his sweet words but once she realised his fear and ignorance of spirits she showed they became perfect DISAGREEABLE partners!! They’re a pretty funny pair!! The other two pairs are also amusing to watch.

So far I’m liking this show. It’s lighthearted, funny, has magical elements in it and overall art is pleasant on the eyes. Give it a go!! ^^