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They are back!! And have been for a while!! hahaha I have not had the time to watch it when it was first out but finally knocked off 6 episodes while I was traveling in June! This is pretty much as good as the old one. The only disappointment is that Erika Toda is not really in the main cast!!! BOOOOO!! She pretty much just does a guest appearance. We also lose the flirtatious lab lady!!! BOOO AGAIN!!! I liked her too! She was so much fun!! In return, both of these characters are replaced by two new characters:

  • Sachiko (the girl in the bottom centre with the fringe/bangs) – she’s the new lab queen but she’s a bit of an oddball, has to eat all the time and she tends to say random things nonchalantly which turns out to be REALY important. Her character is so so…
  • Rika (2nd girl from the right) – I think she committed some crime but was given community hours and she’s spending it here with the team in front of the computer. She’s another nerdy tech whiz. She has a pretty face to look at. ^_^ I don’t mind her.
If you liked the first BOSS then there is NO REASON why you will not like this one too!!! I missed them so much when I started watching episode 1!!!

I haven’t watched a Jdrama in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time!!! After checking my records, the last drama I watched was Keizoku 2 in December 2010. -__- Oops…it wasn’t THAT long ago! haha

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of Ryoko! I first watched her in Anego where she played the older love interest of Jin Akanishi!!! A must watch Japanese romantic comedy drama!!

Anyway, this is a “let’s go save the day” kind of drama. Ryoko Shinohara plays Shinko Tsutsumi who is a swindler out on parole. She’s meandering on the streets with little money until her swindling instincts are triggered by the presence of a wealthy old man. She tries to swindle money out of him but fails and finally decides to head home. The next morning, the old man appears at her home and enlists her to join the government department “Board of Audit” whose purpose is to discover and expose the inappropriate usage of public funds. She is strong and refuses to conform to the rules. Due to her past, she refuses to back down because of the threat from a higher power. She basically kicks ass!!!!

Oh and guess what!?! She is 38 in this movie and she’s had a kid!!! AMAZING!!!!!

It has been confirmed that BOSS is back for season 2!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I’m definitely watching this in April!!

I have just begun watching this jdrama that is being shown in Japan. They have only got one more episode to go (total of 10). The show is called Keizoku (DramaWiki) and is a police/detective drama with a supernatural spin. Yes, me and my supernatural themes these days!! The best bit is that Erika Toda is in it!!! HOHOHOHO!!

Toma (Erika’s character) is a genius but at the cost of being an awkward and odd character e.g. she is always seen dragging around a suitcase, has messy bed hair and smells of garlic (she LOOOOOVES gyozas!! hahaha). She belongs to a police department that is designed to handle difficult cases. In this drama, this means crimes committed by people with special abilities (SPEC). Along with Sebumi, who is a highly rational and strict character, the two work together to solve these cases. He has his own little story but I won’t bother getting into the details. :P

I’ve watched 3 episodes and it’s definitely growing on me and Erika’s character kind of reminds me of the nerdy character that she played in BOSS which I absolutely LOVED!!! This one isn’t quite as good but it’s worth looking into if you’re a fan of Erika’s!!! ^_^

Btw, this drama is actually a sequel, thus called Keizoku 2, but I believe there is no continuation from the previous drama and the actors have since changed. It’s fine to watch this as a standalone drama. Let me know what you think!!!

Ryoko Shinohara is one of my favourite jdrama actresses!!! Not only is she pretty but she has played in a range of roles from romantic comedies (like Anego where her love interest is Jin Akanishi!!!) to detective crime dramas. For the latter, the most notable is Unfair where she plays a kick arse detective. *BEAM* Oh and she’s sexy too… *wasn’t me look* In the drama, there are these scenes of her silhouette where she is clearly not dressed. *feeling the temperature rising* ANYWAY, it is reported that a sequel to Unfair is in the works!!! I can’t wait to watch it!!! I’m not even sure whether I watched the previous movie sequel but oh well. She’s taken a break for a while (had a baby) and now she’s back!!! YAY!!! ^_________^

I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Hard to Say I Love You!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

So at the end of episode, I was adamant that Rinda was gone for good, but guess what!?! He survives!!! FOR ONE more episode and then he karks it. I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but if you make him survive then don’t kill him off shortly afterwards!?! Aaaaaah!!! Scriptwriter-san is irritating me here!! She cheats of us our tears in episode 9 when he dies and repeats it again. *sigh* And I fell for it.

Particularly in the scenes where each of the characters are reading the message that Rinda left them…that was when my tears refused to stay still in my eyes and decided to overflow…those were sad moments clearly, but it was sad to me because it made me think what it would be like to lose someone close to me. Anyway, let’s move away from such a heavy topic.

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This is a CRAZY drama!!! ::CRIIIIIES:: We finally find out who’s blood it is that is seeping through under the door. Call me slow but I didn’t see it coming and the result was unexpected – at least for me.

Starting at the beginning of the episode, we can feel that Nakaji’s feelings for Haru is growing stronger day by day. The longing look in his eyes…the playing with the sparklers…and the sparklers touching to add dramatic effect…was all quite of moving. You kind of want to just say, “DAMN IT!! JUST BLURT IT OUT!!!!” or “JUST KISS HER!!!”. Haru on the otherhand seems to be off in her own little world – neither Doctor or Nakaji’s. To be honest, I don’t find her character very appealing. Hmmm…

Moving on…the climax to the story so far must be the death of Rinda. Did he really have to die? I didn’t want him to die!!! When he was about to lean on Nakaji I was literally screaming “Don’t do it!!! You’ll regret it!!!” I could just imagine Nakaji’s face if he woke up in the middle of that – and he did. The scene with Rinda calling Nakaji tightened the space around my chest. I was half relieved that Nakaji did not just run off and could say without hesitation that he doesn’t think Rinda is repulsive. Even at that moment, I kind of thought he said it without genuinely meaning it…all the way even up to when he is finding it hard to focus taking the photos. The part that was most painful to watch was seeing Rinda take the knife out. I could barely watch the next 10 minutes of the show.

If only there was someone that could break into his enclosed heart – tell him that he is still respected and accepted as Rinda, the onii-chan that looks out for the gang – even if the one he loves is a man. Coming out is no doubt a challenge for everyone but there is no need to think of the idea is repulsive. That has never crossed my mind. As long as you’re not hurting others and the feelings are genuine then I don’t see what is the problem. Coming out is one issue and accepting yourself for who you are is another. There’s no need to drive yourself into a dead end. There’s always another path to take – you just need to find it.

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us ~ Alexander Graham Bell

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