I don’t know what to say…I guess I’m basically not very satisfied by this anime.

Key reasons:
– I can’t stand Yasuna – ugh!
– I didn’t like the ending
– Finally, I didn’t hate Hazumu but neither did I find her character appealing…

Because of the above, it really prevented me from falling head on into all the lovey dovey stuff. I’m disappointed.

*takes a deep breath*

Let me elaborate… *Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Story 6

There was potential to this story…it had all the fundamental elements – three girls, a school (HA!), art was pretty good…nothing new but at face value, nothing appalling either (well I’m ignoring the idea of Hazumu changing from a guy to girl – I think the idea is still unnecessary and silly). In the end, I felt the story was just pretty flat. I did have a few favourite moments but it didn’t save the anime:

  • Tomari takes Hazumu to see the fireflies and she leaves her hair out – I thought this scene was quite romantic and touching. Tomari is so much better than Yasuna!!! haha
  • All the lake scenes with Tomari and Hazumu – this includes when Hazumu remembers her promise and when Hazumu and Tomari parts away from each other. Must say that they were pretty cute as kids too!

I think the key downfall to the story is I never understood why Hazumu liked Yasuna. Also, I didn’t really find Hazumu attractive either – CRYBABY!! Other additional elements that failed to spice up the anime and probably just made the anime boring:

  • Asuta falling for Hazumu – his random thoughts just became too much…and why does EVERYONE seem to like Hazumu??
  • Aliens – I don’t think they really added value – story could have easily excluded them…
  • Namiko – the looney teacher…

Actually, now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, it was more of the unnecessary characters and Yasuna’s character that made me find this anime disappointing. Or, it might be just me whose seen the same ideas for xth time…

Oh and I ALMOST forgot to mention! I hated the ending! I felt that Hazumu decided to be with Yasuna because of her illness. Then it was just even worse when they reversed it in the OVA. It was like the creators were trying to take the easy way out and satisfy all audiences. Plus, I felt that it was unfair for Hazumu to naturally bounce off Yasuna and head to Tomari. NOT HAPPY!!!

Characters 7

Only Tomari and the cool-headed Ayuki saved the day. Tomari was great but then I tend to have a soft spot for girls who struggle with expressing their affection…The others were all “argh”. ESPECIALLY Yasuna…

Music 6

Overall music was just so so but the ending theme song that appeared starting from Episode 6 was pretty good. There was also a piano instrumental piece everytime there was a touching moment – nice one. hahaha Aside from strings, I’m also into piano pieces!! haha

Overall 6

*shakes her head* Could have been better…could have been better…*sigh*

I wouldn't mind going to a shrine festival...^_^

After all that complaining, we'll end of with a cute pic...