I had mentioned in my earlier review that there is a pretty damn good piece in Kashimashi’s OST…and I found it! It’s track 27 of the OST – 悲哀も乙女には… Hiai mai otome ni wa. It basically means a sad girl (sorry don’t mind my poor translation!!).

It’s a wonderful piano piece. The key time that I noticed it was in episode 6 when Hazumu remembers her childhood promise to be Tomari’s groom. That was quite touching. ^_^ I love the middle part where it changes pace and there is a brief uplift in the mood for a moment! Call me crazy but I really like this short sweet piece. I hope you like it too! 

Another piece worth mentioning is 優しさの温度, meaning roughly a gentle and peaceful temperature. This is track 2 and I think it came up quite often in the first half of the anime when there was conflict between Yasuna and Tomari. A very gentle and quiet piece… 

Btw, does the audio player work for you guys?! How do you like it? I just upgraded my WordPress account so hopefully I can beef up the content a bit. ^_^