Aaaah! Soon after publishing the last post, my feelings to this anime have changed completely! That’s because I started watching episode 4 where the focus is now on Yasuna. Argh. I can’t stand her?! Why? I’m not sure either. I guess it is probably because she sends out these selfish/self-centredness vibes? I feel that it’s all about herself. Like she’s imposing her affection onto Hazumu without considering her feelings. She does not seem a bit concerned at all on how she could be straining the friendship between Hazumu and Tomari. From another perspective, her courage and perseverance in confessing her love is somewhat admirable but I’m seriously going “argh/scoff-ing” all the way.

With this mindset, it’s caused what would be cute scenes to become another “scoff/argh” scene…let me give an example…

HA! Here I was ROLLING MY EYES and thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me…matching dresses…argh gag EEK”.

I’m rooting for Tomari to win back her friend and give Yasuna one big kick! haha

Luckily, after tearing my hair out for two episodes (4 & 5), we’re finally seeing Hazumu realizing Tomari’s pain…Come on! Swing the focus back on Tomari-chan!!