Also known as Strawberry Marshmallow, this is a slice of life anime that revolves around four young girls around the ages of 11 and 12 and Nobue who is a sister of one of them.

To begin with, I was not overly keen on this one mainly because of the lolis appearance (the characters look younger than they actually are) – I prefer my characters to be more mature, especially in the yuri context. Nobue is meant to be 20 years old but I swear she looks like she’s 16 at max!! (2nd from the right in below pic)

Oops! One character is missing...oh well...haha

BUT, I decided to give it a go given that both Krigo & Dingsan have said that it is worth checking out. I figured I should give it a chance but I had no expectations in mind. Another good reason for watching it was it has a number of my favourite seiyu-s in it – namely Hitomi Nabatame, Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto. I’m a bit disappointed with Ayako as her voice here is altered significantly to suit the voice of a 11 year old – no resemblance to Chikane at all… =( On the otherhand, Hitomo’s voice is pretty much like Kanade in Candy Boy and Mamiko reminds me SOOOO much of Matsuri in Sola!! Love that anime – almost had an urge to rewatch it! hehehe I think I will have to find another Mamiko anime!! ahaha =)

hahaha Couldn’t help but stick in a picture of Matsuri!! One of the more captivating characters I’ve seen in anime so far…but then I note that I haven’t watched many!!

Now back onto Ichigo Mashimaro!

I’ve watched two episodes and so far my impression has been fairly flat. No doubt I’ve laughed in a few moments but not to the extent where I’m rolling in laughter. Neither is this an anime where you will be jaw dropping because of the quality of anime (unlike Sola). Nevertheless, there is still a fair way to go and I might be surprised. Basically, it could go either way. Bearing in mind that it released a few OVAs, it probably will return with a strong comeback.

One thing I didn’t like is the emphasis on Nobue’s attachment to cigarettes and beer. Given this anime is targeted to a young audience (I’m assuming this), I don’t really think it is appropriate. It kind of sends the wrong message that these habits are more than acceptable. Call me old thinking but I couldn’t help mentioning it.

Nobue happily running off to her room few cans of....juice?? haha

So, that’s it for now – will update again when the anime has made a clear turn. Hmm…I’m keen on some shoujo-ai material next…maybe 舞-乙HiME (My-Otome) – recommended by rulan from D-Addicts. But then astrogrrl also said Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl is very good! Oh dear…decisions decisions…!! AAAAAaaah!! hahaha