After watching Mnemosyne, I really need to relax my mind with something light and fluffy! I was hoping to pick up something yuri and where I can literally switch off my brain. Hmm…I tend to do that too often these days…oh well ^_^

Initially I tried Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho but after being spoiled by two consecutive animes where the art was pretty damn good (Simoun and Mnemosyne), I really couldn’t bear to watch it! It was done only in 2004 but the art just looks so old! I watched episode 1 and it really reminded me of Sailormoon. I guess I was also put off by how young the character looked. End result: I decided to move on.





While searching for Magical Girl on Veoh, I stumbled across Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl. I had heard about the plot AGES ago but could never bring myself to watch it. The idea of a guy turning into a girl was just…err…not my thing. BUT, given the link to episode 1 was just in front of me and I could tell the art was better, might as well give it a go. Within a few minutes into it, I thought “Geez, Hazumu’s voice (the guy) sounds REALLY familiar!”. After a quick Wiki search, it turns out that it’s my dear Yumi from Marimite!! Kana Ueda!! Ok, so they even got a girl to play the voice of the ‘guy’. That’s good – makes the transition easier. Then I noticed that he’s BASICALLY portrayed with a character of a shy girl. Ok, another safe move. Finally, they never showed his eyes while he was a boy so you don’t really have a “boy” set in mind. More like a blank face. I feel like you can basically ignore the fact that he was a guy to start with.

Already now, I feel like I might like it given the setting…HA! What a quick change in view! LOL Another 15 minutes in and I’m already starting to see some real potential. Thing is, Hazumu’s character also reminds me of Yumi’s character! HAHA! Great! It’s amazing how I link everything back to Marimite! hahaha 

Anyway, so far it looks promising!