20081118ichigo01OOOOH!! More good news! The official website of 苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro has confirmed that the new season will be out on 23rd JANUARY 2009!!! A DATE HAS BEEN SET!! Now we just need to wait! LOL

In the meantime, those blessed with the ability to understand Japanese can tune in on the web radio which will begin on 21st November! Ooooh! I wish someone will translate some notes for us poor souls! ^_^

Also, one last thing, on the same day as the launch of the web radio, a DVD box set on season 1 will be available in Japan – now what use is that?! Oh well…though I might as well let you guys know!

WOW! Ichigo Mashimaro Encore AND season 4 of Marimite all in the one MONTH!! hahaha I’m going to go crazy!! Aahahahaha

It’ll be an awesome month for all us Hitomo and Mamiko fans (both voices in Marimite and Ichigo)! Oooh! But don’t forget, there’s also Saeko, Ayako and Fumiko to look forward too!! =)