Sorry people – have been a bit slow on this one (particularly to Krigo)! Got my freakin’ exam soon so haven’t had time to do much watching. Nevertheless, I finally got to the end of this one – all 12 episodes and 3 OVAs! Not bad…not bad…haha I tried to find one really good screen shot and settled with this one!! hahaha This one just cracked me up! The kanji on her forehead says “Launch”. LOL

I had to dedicate a big pic for Micchan - it's well deserved!

Story: 6

Mindless humour…as long as you don’t take this too seriously and is consciously aware that it is an anime about four 11-12 year old girls, then I think you should be fine! Just remember to THINK like a 12 year old! For example, stories about making up nicknames, stealing someone’s pudding, playing doctor and patient, waiting for Santa to come etc is considered normal. Did you get that? It’s N-O-R-M-A-L! haha Honestly brain killing material here!! haha However, when you align these stories to the pure and naivety of the characters – it’s not so bad. I mean they are really just kids. *shrug* (And pretty cute ones too! ^_^)

Characters: 7

They are all fairly unique in character though Micchan may annoy you at times. It’s a given that you will literally see her flat down on her face at least once in every episode (at least that’s what it feels like)! haha Followed by her “naaan de..(why)??”

The only character that is skippable or almost non-existent is Matsuri. She is just plain B O R I N G!! Don’t know why Nobue likes her…

Must say though, I thought Chi was SOOOOOOO cute in the above scene! Aawww….~!!

Music: n/a

Gave this category a miss as there really isn’t much on the music side – but damn the theme song is catchy!! haha Goes well with the overall fluffy and light feel of the anime.

Overall: 6.5

One thing I liked about this anime is the consistency of the animation. This may sound weird but I guess it’s off the back of me watching Marimite. In Marimite, there are definitely scenes where I think the faces and proportions of the bodies just don’t sit right. On the otherhand, this one is perfect. Maybe Marimite was just a poor job – not sure. I haven’t watched enough anime to tell. 

In any case, if you’re looking for something light and fluffy with no butter (JUST KIDDING) – this is not a bad choice. But this is on the opinion that you can revert your mind back to a 12 yr old. I liked watching this one as it was not addictive and served the purpose well of relaxing my mind away from my studies but not completely drawing my whole attention to it. So it’s not best anime material but it definitely got more than a few laughs out of me! Damn Micchan! haha