booklet-01Yes, so the anime is not going to air until 23 January but in the meantime, why don’t we indulge in a bit of the music to come? ^___^

The OST was released in late December

Opening: 苺すぷらっしゅ Ichigo Splash! 

This one is sung by the entire cast! Aaaaaww! It’s so cute to hear them sing particularly Mi-chan!! It’s got such a cheerful and bright bounce! I feel like re-watching the previous episodes now! hahaha The moment that Hitomi’s voice comes in, I feel like it’s her rounding up her various mistresses!! AHAHA

Closing theme (just Mi-chan!): ずっと、ずっと Zutto, zutto

Now I’m starting to really miss them!! OOooh! Only a week to go!! Now who else is a fan of Ichigo Mashimaro!? Hands up please!!