The 2nd OVA, ‘See You Tomorrow’, has finally been subbed!! It’s been uploaded onto Youtube! HD quality too!! All thanks to mikirudotnet!!

ichigo-encore2aJust seconds into the OVA and I’m immediately reminded of our wonderful Miu-chan!! I LOOOOOVE her interaction with the others – particularly Nobue and Chika!! hahaha Miu-chan is SUCH AN IDIOT!!! She’s one hell of an attention seeking brat!! hahahaha

One thing particularly hilarious about this OVA is the Ichigo Mashimaro signature scene!?! Mi-chan flat on her face!!! HAHAHAHA But this time we get a bonus!! It’s Nobue-chan! She’s done a “Mi-chan”! Didn’t know Chi-chan was getting that physical!! haha I guess she’s finally learnt not to be bullied!! I wonder whether we’ll get to see Ana like that too later?! hahaha It feels kind of wrong though!!! She just needs to act all cute in her pink dress. Hehehe


And there’s still more…

Miu takes Matsuri hostage, threatening to write on her forehead with a texta. In order to save Matsuri, Miu demands that Ana plucks her nose hair and stick them to her eyelashes!?! YEP – BIZARRE!! Typical of Mi-chan…But then Onee-chan joins in the fun! She grabs Anna and demands that Miu releases Matsuri otherwise she’ll jam her fingers up Ana’s nose!?!?! OMG…can this get any sillier?!?! Anyway, clearly that doesn’t work so Onee-chan says she’ll kiss Ana instead!! HAHAHA


Miu then gets all worked up about what does being a ‘best friend’ mean? Matsuri and Ana claim to be best friends so Miu goes off to compare their SMS messages to the ones between Chi and her! Clearly M & As are all sweet and fluffy while Miu / Chi’s are all 2 or 3 action words – like they’re having a SMS fight! The HILARIOUS bit is where Miu tries to act all cute and sends a SMS to Chi saying she’s worried about her test tomorrow…her reaction? Two words: “You’re gross.” Priceless! hehe


I honestly feel like Hitomi is just acting herself when playing Nobue! It’s like Hitomi and her harem! LOOOOOVE IT! It’s been ages since my last dose of Ichigo Mashimaro fun so I really enjoyed this one – YET AGAIN! haha Best of all, it’s got Hitomi and Mamiko – haven’t watched their works in AGES!!!


Hmm…well since the time I finished Marimite season 4…hehe that’s a LONG time already!! Quick! Go check it out!!