I mean a PHYSICAL punch kick kind of girl!! hahaha Inami-san has the urge of physically abusing men whenever she’s near one!! I’m afraid Takanashi and Inami are at loggerheads!!! hahahaha This is kind of a funny pair. It gets even more interesting later…she no longer hits him because she’s scared of men but to hide her embarrassment!!! hahaha One of the rare bits where I really cracked up was when blackmail Souma said he noticed Inami changing her hairclip daily now after Takanashi complimented that it was cute once!!! hahahah Did HE get one hell of a bashing!! That was in episode 4.

Another hilarious moment was when the guys tried to find something for tenchou/Kyouko to do. All she does it EAT all day!! She fails at doing anything!! But the ultimate cracking up moment was when she said (something along the lines of):

Shouldn’t your thinking be like, “I need to make up on behalf of tenchou (her failure to do anything)”. Isn’t it better for everyone if I don’t work? My job is to not to work.

HAHAHAHA OMG!!! I could do with a  job like that!! hahaha btw, does anyone else think that tenchou sounds like Hitomi Nabatame??! I swear it sounds like the older sister from Ichigo Mashimaro!! Here’s a random clip where you can hear Hitomi’s voice as Nobue…aawwww I feel like watching Ichigo Mashimaro all over again!!! I LOOOOOOOVE Miu!!

Lastly, some yuri appears!!!! OMG!! FINALLY!! It’s katana girl x tenchou! Todoroki is completely head over heels over tenchou and is constantly at her beck and call. BUBBLES will appear at the presence of yuri. It’s the “Mugi effect”! Anyone who expresses love interest in tenchou is also at risk of being chopped up by that purple katana of hers. You have been warned!! This pair doesn’t really work for me though…a tad boring. How disappointing. *sigh*

Other than the above, the only other key development is we get a brief flavour of Takanashi’s crazy sisters! Note that the two on the far right are voiced by Shizuka Ito and Youko Hikasa (Mio).

This is one whacky anime!!!