ichigo-ova1aThe gang is BACK!! For those not familiar with the Ichigo Mashimaro anime series, it really is just made up of random stories on four 12 year old girls and their interaction with the older Nobue onee-chan! Stories typically are about how they spend their lazy afternoons / holidays. BUT, despite the lack of any genuine content, it is actually very entertaining! LOL Fans of this series will nod in agreement. I mean, how can we not like Miu-chan!! haha I wrote about season 1 a few months back.

Once again, Miu-chan steals the show with her crazy antics and ideas! However, before I start rambling on Miu-chan, let me just note that it is true that the girls here have gain a few pounds! LOL They seriously look a tad chubbier than in season 1! How strange…well even Ana-chan points this out to Miu-chan…haha


Well taking off from the above where Miu-chan reckons she wants to be an idol, she goes on to say that her talent could be BACK-FLIPS! Yes…BACK-FLIPS and she proceeds to demonstrate. She ends up knocking herself out and she dreams that she’s died and is now at the cross-roads of being deported to either Heaven or Hell. LOL


There she runs into the rest of the gang (of course) but all playing different roles. Nobue is the judge in determining whether it will be Heaven or Hell for her. Matsuri is her guide that takes her around; Chii-chan is ‘Hell girl’ and Ana is of course the angel. ^_^ Honestly, I thought this story was quite creative! haha

ichigo-ova1cLike usual, Miu-chan pisses Chii-chan off and ends up in her classic ‘flat on her face’ pose! Glad to see that Chii-chan still has the fire in her!! Now how often do you see Chii wearing a strapless?! haha I thought her outfit with the little horns was quite cute. =P Oh and more examples of ridiculous shots from the episode!~ It’s good old Ichigo Mashimaro alright?!! hahaha