They are back!! And have been for a while!! hahaha I have not had the time to watch it when it was first out but finally knocked off 6 episodes while I was traveling in June! This is pretty much as good as the old one. The only disappointment is that Erika Toda is not really in the main cast!!! BOOOOO!! She pretty much just does a guest appearance. We also lose the flirtatious lab lady!!! BOOO AGAIN!!! I liked her too! She was so much fun!! In return, both of these characters are replaced by two new characters:

  • Sachiko (the girl in the bottom centre with the fringe/bangs) – she’s the new lab queen but she’s a bit of an oddball, has to eat all the time and she tends to say random things nonchalantly which turns out to be REALY important. Her character is so so…
  • Rika (2nd girl from the right) – I think she committed some crime but was given community hours and she’s spending it here with the team in front of the computer. She’s another nerdy tech whiz. She has a pretty face to look at. ^_^ I don’t mind her.
If you liked the first BOSS then there is NO REASON why you will not like this one too!!! I missed them so much when I started watching episode 1!!!