This is Tessa’s next batch of yuri series recommendations!! OMG! This batch looks PRETTY DAMN GOOD! I’m soooooo checking them out, Tessa!! haha Thanks again!


Himitsu no Hanazono


Yeah, I bet you say that to all the girls.

Misono is on her middle school track team and everybody has high hopes for her, especially her mother, who is rather forceful about it.  While practicing she takes a rest in a garden and encounters a boy there, only the boy turns out to be a girl.  One who seems to get lines from a pick up line book…  And she says them with a straight face.  But I still enjoy the story.


Eternal Sisters

OK… I only read a couple of the short stories in this collection, but they were good…  Move along!


Gokujou Drops

Think Maria-holic, but with no boy…  and everybody’s gay and really hot for the main character.  Komari’s school requires everybody stay in a dorm, only they are all full, except for the elite dorm Paraso no Yakata.  In order to stay there, she needs to be sponsored by one of the residents. Himemiya agrees to sponser her if she becomes her servant… Oh wait I mean “servant *wink wink*”  (I think it’s the same school as shojou sect) *grin*

 It’s a bit more smutty than Hanjuko Joshi, but still not quite hentai… Still, be warned.

All the girls who live there are slobs, Komari has a useful skill...

All the girls who live there are slobs, Komari has a useful skill...


Well, Ran has at least one fan.


Strawberry Shake Sweet

Idol Julia falls head over heels in love with Ran, a newcomer at the agency.  And umm Mischeif ensues.  It’s a really funny slapstick manga, and I did like it mostly, but it was kinda hard for me to read because of the constant jump back and forth between standard manga format and 4 panel comic format.  If you aren’t bothered by constant format shifting, then I can’t recommend it enough.






first-love-sistersFirst Love Sisters Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

In print in the US.  Not available online!

During a fateful visit to Tsunojo Girls’ School, Chika Matsusato meets the girl of her dreams–cool upperclassman Haruna Kanzaki. Even though they spent only one short day together, Chika will never forget Haruna’s kindness, and has made it her life’s goal to study hard and get accepted into Tsunojo Girls’ School so that they can be together. But will Haruna share Chika s feelings…? (stolen from mangaupdates-stolen from Seven Seas)

I have the first volume and am anxiously waiting for the second to appear in the store. Lots of random love triangles and drama, and of course Everybody’s Gay Syndrome. Still a definite read.

S K: Volume 1 is available at Right Stuf and volume 2 is available for pre-order…argh…this is going to hurt my wallet!! >_<


In print in the US. Link in the heading takes you to the first two chapters *shifty eyes* Sorry Lililicious. (S K: To buy the book, go to here! WHY WHY did I let Tessa do these recommendations?!!)

Kanee is a complete introvert who is given courage by an online singer named Mina.  Thanks to the singer, kanee starts leaving her house more and meets Mina in person.

This is one I sat in my local bookstore and read with tears streaming down my face (you’d be suprised how often this happens. I cry at the drop of a hat.)


last-school-uniformLast School Uniform Vol 2 and 3

In print in the US.  (S K: I can’t find volume 1!! ArgH!!)

Umm Basically it’s a girls’ school and all the girl’s have Everybody’s Gay Syndrome. Both with one harboring feelings for the other roomate. It’s very sweet and enjoyable and comes highly recommended.  It’s just been a while since I read it and I don’t remember names and such.