First of all, Fansubwiki is the best place to start if you want a full picture of what’s to come!! Here I’m just going to highlight a few that caught my eye…hehe

1. BOSS ~ 16 April

bossOMG! This is a must see!! Why it’s no. 1 on my list:

The cast! We have Yuki Amami (been a fan since watching Top Caster), Yutaka Takenouchi (*jaw drop*), Erika Toda (a pretty face to watch) and last of all…Tetsuji Tamayama!!! STELLAR CAST!! Surely you have to agree!?!

The story is not completely original but hey I can deal with that! Yuki leads a team of detectives to solve crimes. She’s smart and capable but she has one problem – a difficulty in understanding men!! Fat chance finding a husband!? LOL

But LAST but not least, the MUSIC!! Our music man behind Triangle is BACK!! Hiroyuki Sawano will be taking charge of BOSS’ soundtrack! Now with that list, surely it’s at least worth watching ONE episode!?!

2. アタシんちの男子 Atashinchi no Danshi ~ 14 April


Hehe With a picture of Maki Horikita like that – again – how can you NOT watch this one?! Even I was taken by surprise when I visited the official website for the 1st time!! haha

She’s basically a girl carrying a Y100 million debt and is forced to sleep at places like internet cafes. Obviously, as fate has yet, Mr. Rich + Good Looks turns up and offers to pay off her debt as long as she’d marry him! Well what a deaL!?! Where’s MY prince charming?! LOL Anyway, he’s played by Jun Kaname. Hmm…I don’t think I’ve seen him play a main role before. Looks interesting!

Best of all, it looks light hearted!?! PLus I like my female leads with a STRONG and tough character!! Way to go Maki!! I really don’t need to see you in pain like in Innocent Love!


3. 名探偵の掟 Meitantei no Okite ~ 17 April

detectiveThis is detective drama but what really draws our attention is that it’s based off a novel of Keigo Higashino! He’s the author of Midnight Sun Walk and the famous Galileo drama!!! The detective will be played by Shota Matsuda supported by the rookie cop Yu Kashii. A preview trailer is available here!


4. ゴッドハンド輝 Godhand Teru ~ 11 April

800px-godhand-teru-bannerTypical medical drama but with pretty faces!! Yuta Hiraoka and Asami Mizukawa!  Yuta plays a newbie to the hospital and is a bit clumsy but whenever a patient’s life is endangered, he displays his father’s exquisite surgical skills?! Based off a manga. haha Now that explains everything. =)


5. ぼくの妹 Boku no Imouto ~ 19 April

To be honest, this one’s not that great. Literally translated as ‘My Sister’, Joe Odagiri plays an elite surgeon who has a very…let’s say…’unintelligent’ sister, played by Masami Nagasawa. Her key strength is her good natured character. Despite their differences, they’re very close as their parents had left them at a young age. By now you’ve probably guess why I’ve got it here…yes it’s the cast. There’s a trailer here – just click on the icon with the play triangle. But to be honest, it doesn’t sound very interesting. >_< Hmm…maybe it shouldn’t be a 3…