This one hell of a quirky enjoyable drama!! Comedy, detective, suspense and a team of colourful characters makes this jdrama well worth watching!!! hahahahaha

Here’s the teaser trailer (I can’t help but say that the girl in white is PWOAH!!! hahahaha):

So in the opening they look pretty damn cool, serious with a detective’s twinkle in the eyes but what about reality?!?


Reality is that these guys are crazy!!! You have a confident strong and capable lady detective running the show (love Yuki Amami!!), an amusing Yutaka Takenouchi who thinks he’s such a hot shot and is constantly organizing goukons, there’s Erika Toda who plays a nerdy forensic analyst (I think that’s what she is), Tetsuji Tamayama as a pretty damn good looking detective that’s always dressed up in suits but has problem firing a gun, a gay guy that has the hots for Takenouchi, a super enthusiastic young detective and a sad middle age guy that has thinning hair!! Are these guys a mixed bag or what?!? hahahaha They might be a weird team but when working together along with brains of Yuki Amami then u’re all set!!!


Soundtrack was not off the charts but there were some noteable moving pieces!! I think I will buy the OST. *BEAM*… *pause* oh…I just said to myself minutes ago that I need to save more -_-” Oops!! Hahaha Here’s a few of my favourite tracks!! Enjoy and if you like it, please go buy the CD!!

Hahhaha well overall this drama was pretty damn entertaining!! The good thing about this type of drama is that almost every episode is a standalone story so for those who already have a long yuri “to-watch-list” (*points to herself*) then this one will work well as intermissions in between the doses of yuri!! Hahahaha

Let me know what you think!!